You have only ONE thing you can visit in Sevilla? The Real Alcazar should be it!

What is the Real Alcazar?

The Alcazar is not crowded most time of the year for nothing. The beauty of the fortress palace is going to catch the visitor, bringing him back in time and making him feel the centuries of monarch generations who lived and ruled there.
Built already in 913, it is nowadays the residence of his majesty king Juan Carlos when he is in Sevilla.


Where is it and when can you visit it:

When I tried to find the entrance it got  bit tricky not to get lost in the narrow streets, and to find out in which side of the palace I could get it (it took a bit and it was raining…awww).

Patio de Banderas
41004 Sevilla

Opening times:
Oct – March: 9.30pm – 5pm
April – Sept: 9.30pm – 7pm
Closed 1.& 6. January, and 25. Dezember
Entrance fee: 9,50 € (March 2017)





There’s so much to see and to photograph once I was inside. Even if you only have one day in Sevilla, the Real Alcazar should be on top of your list. Here you can see why…




Patio de muñecas (patio of dolls, thus I couldn’t find the dolls)


Stunning details everywhere…here the ceiling of the patio


It was raining heavily (I mentioned that right) and so I stepped inside, finding myself in a 1001 nights fairytale…


Why don’t I have a lamp like that???



Fancy to quote them (-;


How long did it take to build that door…?



Oh the rain has stopped (after it made me soaking wet of course), so lets go into the gardens, quickly, maybe we catch some sun!


Real Alcazar: the gardens



The beautiful interior is not the real highlight of the Alcazar. Most visitors (such as me) wander for hours in the gardens, taking a sunbath and wandering through the green (but don’t eat the oranges, the taste really bad)




Call it just a stairway…if you can.


Oh look, a fountain


My friend stepped on it, I photographed it






I couldn’t just sit on this bench…always with my friends voice in my back (do you have to take a pic of this n´bench too?), I took my canon…


Can’t choose which is my favorite pic of I took in the gardens, but somehow this os my favorite baby…


Do you already feel overwhelmed by the impressions? Hopefully not too much because I simply can’t stop…I have to show you more…




I have some more…or are you already bored (in this case maybe it’s a waste of time and money if you visit the Alcazar?)


I found some spring in the air…


Some practical tips:

I guess you know it now…If you want to take a lot of photos and  take a good look at every part of the palace and garden,you should plan at least 3-4 hours for your visit at Alcazar. Also because it’s full of other visitors and you have to wait till you’ll get a great shot (NOT of the coat of another visitor).

If you visit between June-September, you can enjoy the Noches en los jardines del Real Alcazar“ in the gardens, which are concerts form classics to Flamenco or Jazz. More infos here.

Prebook tickets the day before your visit. Otherwise the queue may take you up to 2 hours (in high season).

Let me guide you? A guide is not really necessary, if you want to know more about the history you can get the info on the web (here) or for the stressed in this 1 minute video.





I guess you know it now: if you have one thing you want or can visit/ pay entrance fee for, THIS should be it (-:


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