Weird shopping experiences in China: Qingping market

I’ve read so much bout it, travelled it, and still have not write one single post about: CHINA.

It’s too huge, too fascinating and weird, lovely and smokey, rude and welcoming, blowing up the visitors mind. I have a sort of strong love-hate for this country, which also seems to let me forget words I’d need to describe it. It fascinates me, lets me think “I want to live here”, before letting me scream in my mind “let me out of here” just 5 minutes later.

The maybe 20 books I read about politics, economics and culture of China gave me an idea what I was going to face. Still…hearing about something and experiencing it…holy shit!


Lets get back to my first post about my coffin nail. I want to write about China, about my feelings for it.
But where to start? And how? At least, I can focus on places I long to visit in every city: markets.


I could write a long post about all markets I visited in China, one weirder than the other. But the last one I’ve been to fascinated me, and so here it is: the Qinping market in Guangzhou (Kanton):

Quinping market Guangzhou


The markets starts with traditional medicine ingredients, such as penises (oh yes, at least not humans), herbs, mushrooms and different animals of land and sea.

medicine market quingping guangzhou
medicine market quinpping

medicine market quingping guangzhou


The smell is interesting, the taste unrevealed. It’s not really for shopping, as you’ll never know what you get and how to use it. Lovers of traditional chinese medicine might find their heaven here though.

The best part for me was the one where you get plants, though you can’t take something with you.

Bonsai Qunigping market guangzhou



Qingping market Guangzhou

Here you can also well equip your aquarium – at least if you are living in Guangzhou…

Qingping market guangzhou



Quingping market Guangzhou
The crowded living place let me hope they find a buyer soon…although you’ll never know what they are going to do with the little enigmatic friends. Which brings us to the animals…

Qinping market Guangzhou
At first the birds, creatures I never liked (Hitchcock fault!), but seeing them in this tiny cages made me mad and sad, because how to rescue them all?

Qingping market Guangzhou


It was the part that we entered now, which was very hard to bear. In fact, we walked through and left as soon as we could.
In chinese culture they have the saying that they eat every creature which has legs, swims or flies. The generation Y started to held them as pets, but most of the people don’t buy them for cuddling.

Qingping market guangzhou


This last part of the market let me hate China. We all can’t really stand feeling helpless, thus there are moments in life where you can just turn around and walk away, because you can’t rescue everyone, and you can’t change a whole culture. That was the first but not the last lesson China teached me.


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