The 1 Million star Hotel: A stay at Bubble Hotel Bali

By accident we found the so called 1 million star hotel/ bubble on Bali, while combing through the internet and making plans for getting some of mindblowing and novel experience on the island which is packed with everything ever entered a plane looking for balinese full body massage.
We got a starry starry night and I finally knew what Vincent meant….


Where to book:

We found the Bubble hotel on Airbnb, which is much cheaper than booking in directly. BUT there is a difference, which means that you 1)get the bubble which is farest away form the entrance to the beach, and 2)the bubble is the smallest they offer. Too small? Actually no, there is a double matress in in and an air-con, which is pretty much all you need. The bigger bubble homes can be booked via and others. The difference to the bubble on airbnb is not only the size but you will also have no swing with view on the sea, but 2 comfy wooden chairs and a table. It didn’t really bother us.



The location of the Bubble Hotel is not specified, they only tell you it is on a deserted beach. Reading the reviews you easily find out that it is on the Uluwatu beach in the south of the island.



Let the adventure begin

First you are told to come to the vila Plenilunio, where you will be picked up and where they have a room where you can leave your big luggage (the other option is to carry it with you for a 30min climb downhill, which you’d really not want).

Then the adventure begins: first you climb down the hill to the beach, which is okayish during the afternoon because most parts of the road are in the shade (this will cange when you climb it UP the next day)



We chose to go on our own and not to wait for the staff to climb up the hill to welcome us. Its easy to find the right path following the white stones they put along the way. It took us about 25 minutes to reach the beach, while taking lots on pics along the way…

When you come to the beach you will easily find the staff in charge under a pair of orange umbrellas. The clerk took us for another 10 minutes walk along the beach (in the pure sun and much more painful than the down-climbing hill) to our bubble. We passed 4 other bubbles (the bigger ones) but you can hardly see them because they are camouflaged with greenery.


The Bubble

And then we arrived at our home of 1 night, the 1 Million star hotel! Impressive and supercool, right?


The view and the bubble where amazing…and we even had a shower AND a flushing toilet in the wood: You’ll never ever have THAT view while peeing lol.
As I already mentioned, you’ll find a double matress and an air-con inside the bubble, which is really useless during the day: the hot sun transforms the bubble into an oven and only during the night it gets comfy inside.
You will find a plug socket in the bubble so there’s no problem to charge your camera and phone. The bubble consists of two chambers with an entrance section and the “bedroom”. To keep the bubble infalted it’s improtant to close the first door with the zip after enterning the entrance, and only then open the second door to the bedroom (and close the zip afterwards quickly).



Sleeping in the Bubble: what you should expect

When we entered the bubble at night and lay down on the matress, oh boy…AMAZING. You will see a really starry starry night, and because the beach is deserted at night, there ar no lights to distract the view.
Its really worth the experience. I never saw so many stars in my whole life and never dreamed of a viwe like this!

BUT: An undisturbed sleeping is something else. Because the bubble must be inflated all the time, we heard the inflowing air all the time, and it was not something which happens quietly. In fact we could not sleep because it was so loud (and it is a noise you are not used to of course). My sneakers provided relief: we plugged them into the air inlet, which took about 70% of the noise away.



About the food

The bubble hotel offers a large amount of food and beverages you have to order 24 hours in advance, because everything must be carried down the hill to be at your disposition. Due to that you will have to pay A LOT for everything, an I mean prices which are even for Europe high. It’s also possible to have a campfire (16 Dollars, only for the fire without food) and some BBQ.

WE decided to take some beverages (the even offer cocktails!, which we refused) and went shopping earlier the day. So we had everything we needed to make our own campfire and BBG…and it was really yummy!!!



It took us 2 hours to light the fire because we didn’t know which of the variuos branches were burnable (advise: lianas do NOT burn, even if they look dry). The problem is that most of the branches are hummid because of the sea, and so they look dry outside but are really wet inside). In the end we found some branches which had fallen from the trees behind the bubble, and they burned pretty well. I never had sausages that were so tasty lol. beingproudashell!



The beach

The bubble hotel is located on Uluwatu beach in the south of the island. When you come there in the afternoon it’s not possible to swim because of the low tide, and the sea is full of giant sea urchins. So watch our step even if you go for a walk on the beach. The beach is beautiful and you will see an amazing sunset there, only accompanied by a few people. Take a walk to the ship wreck 20 miuntes away form the bubble and enjoy the amazing scenery…



The environment

The bubbles are hided behind bushes and trees, so a person passing by will not see you until she/he stand in fron of the bubble. In this case she/he will see everything, so be careful when changing cloth etc. Do this in the “bathroom” which is farer away from the beach.


The bad part: About 50 meters behind the bubble there is the cabin containing the turbine which guarantees the aeration. And there you will find the dark side of the “sleeping under 1 million stars” romance: trash. Not only a bit…a LOT of trash. Apparently the bubble hotel staff throws alle remains of the visitors away in the nature, instead of transporting them up on the hill. The view is really disgusting and I’m not going to illustrate it here, One’s can imagine a garbage dump on his own.



After waking up at 8pm because of the incredible heat in the bubble, we could enjoy the beach.
You will have high tide and be able to enjoy a bath in the sea, but always beware of the really high waves and the stream, which is really taff there.
We could choose when to check out (as long as it’s before 3pm) and how long we wanted to enjoy the beach. Because of the rough sea and the ascension that lay ahead we decided to leave at noon, and made our way up the hill. This was the worst climb of my whole life, sun and sun and sun and heat and heat and heat…you get the picture. As the staff welcomed us with a cool lemon drink at the top I couldn’t be more grateful.



What to bring with you:

As already mentioned you will have to do some effort to get to the bubble and back. Thats why you should pack very light.

Here is our packing list for this adventure:

.) sunglasses
.) sunscreen!
.) mosquito repellent (remeber you are in a kind of outback)
.) bathing togs
.) sturdy shoes AND flipflops
.) torch
.) enough water for the way up & down (0,5l per person minimum each way)
.) headgear (simply believe me)
.) clothing for the second day
.) camera
.) pack it all in a waterproof bag (esp. the electronics)
.) optional: food, beverages and a good lighter

What you don’t need:
.) towels
.) extra sleeping bags
.) your phone: of course you’ll have it with you, but don’t expect internet or a phone net there (we both didn’t have mobile net       there and only very bad telephone net connection)
Note: they also provide flipflops, but only a big size. For me not convenient, so I put them on the first list.




Have a wonderful stay and a starry starry night!




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