workaway: learn from my experience

When I decided to quit and go on my long trip I broke up 3 months before I left. Not really time enough to save some serious money. On the other hand I couldn’t imagine just laying on the beach for a couple of months. The idea of volunteering was there. For a long time. I […]

Volunteer with kids: what to give, what to expect

When I’m telling people that I volunteered and worked with children, I nearly always hear the same reply: That’s what I always wanted to do too. But…none of them did it so far. To be honest: I used to be as well one of those guys, saying something like that for the last years. The outcome: […]

nagnepal: The better version of me!

This post contains perhaps the most personal sentences I ever wrote. It’s where my heart is. In November 2014 I thought of visiting Nepal for the first time. I don’t really know why…I’m definitely not a mountain person. Still, seeing the Everest and Kathmandu seemed a tempting thing. And then I found by mistake it in a […]

April 25th, 2015: AFTER the shaker

Durbar Square has awesome temples and pagodas.On Durbar Square I held hands with a guy on a date.At Durbar Square I smell delicious coffe and cheesecake.On Durbar Square a guy stares at me because I’m wearing a dress.Durbar square is my favourite place here.   Durbar Square has no awesome temples & pagodas any more.On Durbar […]

The Superstar & me

The story of the superstar and me took place April 2015, a story in 5 acts:   Prolog: The superstar notices her on her first friday night in KTM. She is dancing the whole night in high heels, lost to the world. Except a short “hello-who-are-you-I-am” nothing else happens.   Act 1: The woman in high […]

Sunset @ Long Beach

KOH LANTA: new life – new friends

January 2015: Since september 2014, when I decided quitting everything quit-able, I tried to imagine it: Living on a beautiful island.Waking up with the view of the ocean.Walking with sandy feet.Bye beloved higheels – hello flipflops   And there I was! Arriving with a huuuuge and heeeeavy backpack on Lanta. Dropped by the microbus on the end […]