Sea-salt, sea-girl (why I love the sea)

Once Jules Verne said: The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence. So here’s my tribute to the place I where I feel whole, and happy.   Once in a lifetime you should go there: Phi Phi Island, Thailand   Italy, most visited in summer – what a mistake. Winters are so beautiful […]

Halong party cruise: hop on – drop off

The day before: Stella* and Jasmine* book the “original” Castaway Halong Bay 3 day tour¹. As they don’t want a derelict boat with rats they pay a higher price.   DAY 1: 7am (at the travel agency): Bottles of vodka are handed to the tourists. Guide Timmey (you’ll remember this name) tries to cheer up the […]

Stay connected: SIM cards in Asia

As an online & communication junkie, I get out of the plane/ bus in a new place, shouting “Where can I get a SIM and mobile internet”. So here you’ll find all infos about the SIM cards and mobile internet I used in Asia.   Cambodia: SIM: SMART SIM Connection: everywhere top Costs: $10 for the surylikecrazy package […]

A party night in Ho Chi Minh

This is an article about nighlife in the center of Saigon…well HCM, and that means: you’re going to spend some serious money. What you’ll going to get? Have a look here. Start the evening with watching the sunset in the EON Heli Bar: I would recommend you to book a table in advance, to make sure […]