Krakow: I left with sorrow and a luggage filled with cherry wodka

Okay listen, I’m not going to say this twice: go to Krakow. Don’t even think of another destination for the next city trip. Krakow is your match! Trust me. It’s not only the flavoured Wodka (although…) which you can taste in Wodka cafes and bars (hazelnut, cherry!!, pear, plum and raspberry are my favourites). It’s the atmosphere, […]

Auschwitz: Where time has no power above memories

It was the brightest day of fall October 2015 when I followed the path of death to Auschwitz-Birkenau. This day trip can be booked from Krakow which gives your city trip a macabre touch…and more than that. Auschwitz will leave you with a ripped soul and wondering whereas mankind deserves any good.   Decisions and death: […]