Sea-salt, sea-girl (why I love the sea)

Once Jules Verne said: The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence. So here’s my tribute to the place I where I feel whole, and happy.   Once in a lifetime you should go there: Phi Phi Island, Thailand   Italy, most visited in summer – what a mistake. Winters are so beautiful […]

Boracay – A tribute in pictures

Yes it’s crowded, but when you go in low season (I was in July 2015)…okay it’s still crowded. But you get to know some stunning moods of nature.     But baby…there should be laughter after pain, there should be sunshine after rain…theses things had always been the same…so why worry (Dire Straits, Why worry)   […]

Boracay: my chart busters

So you decided to go to Boracay right. Let me guess: you saw the pictures of White Beach and heared that it is under the top 10 beaches on this world? isn’t (thats Puka beach, still you are right coming to Boracay for that one). Don’t get me wrong: I love Boracay a lot. But […]

Stay connected: SIM cards in Asia

As an online & communication junkie, I get out of the plane/ bus in a new place, shouting “Where can I get a SIM and mobile internet”. So here you’ll find all infos about the SIM cards and mobile internet I used in Asia.   Cambodia: SIM: SMART SIM Connection: everywhere top Costs: $10 for the surylikecrazy package […]