Gili Trawangan in breathtaking pictures

T is the largest of the three Gili Islands, which means that the permanent population is only about 800 inhabitants. Gili Trawangan was the first of the three islands to attract backpackers, but in the 1990s, therefore the island got the reputation of being a wild party island (which is still true).     Now luxury and too huge […]

Barcelonas beach-clubs: Where the party never ends!

Barcelona offers a lot of amazing sights, but at nights the city get REALLY vibrant when coming to the famous beach-clubs on Barcelonetta. The whole city is at the beach partying till sunrise. You’ve not partied there – you’ve not been to Barcelona (: I will tell you here all you have to know about the top 5 […]

Invisible in Indonesia – The non-existant role of women

I love Asia, I really do. Although…not so the mosques…the noise at 4am during ramadan. That maybe not. It HAD something to do with religion, culture and more, why I felt invisible during my 3 weeks in Indonesia this year, though I’ve not made this experience last year in Jakarta. Traveling not as usually alone but […]

Ibiza: my chart busters

Nature for clubbing?  Insider and off the path?  Relax on the top 6th beach of the world (Crowded? Why, no.)? Looking for that means staying away from Ibiza. And it means avoiding to equal your bank account to the status of “Pls call your bank and ask for the manager Mr D”. Enjoy your holiday!   […]

Halong party cruise: hop on – drop off

The day before: Stella* and Jasmine* book the “original” Castaway Halong Bay 3 day tour¹. As they don’t want a derelict boat with rats they pay a higher price.   DAY 1: 7am (at the travel agency): Bottles of vodka are handed to the tourists. Guide Timmey (you’ll remember this name) tries to cheer up the […]

A party night in Ho Chi Minh

This is an article about nighlife in the center of Saigon…well HCM, and that means: you’re going to spend some serious money. What you’ll going to get? Have a look here. Start the evening with watching the sunset in the EON Heli Bar: I would recommend you to book a table in advance, to make sure […]