Nepal: Why you should go there NOW! (and what you can expect)

Planning to go no Nepal now? Thats what you must know about it! After the earthquake a lot of volunteers came to help, rebuilding and carrying away the remains of temples and buildings. News and articles suggested that Kathmandu now is a half destroyed city, where epidemics threaten potential visitors. Well, I was there before, during […]

A walk through Kathmandu

When I arrived for the first time in Kathmandu, March 2015, it was during the coldest march since many years. Everybody kept telling me this. It was raining and it was dark. And with dark I mean: no electricity, therefore no lights on the street. Thus I felt in love with this city, and since then I’ve been […]

Off Limits: Paragliding in Nepal

The safetly instructions were simple: run down this slope till you feel that we take off. The other important thing: I hope you’re wearing your bikini underneath, in case we land in the water. And off we flew!   Pokhara is the best place for paragliding in Nepal. You can relax in the air at 2000 […]

nagnepal: The better version of me!

This post contains perhaps the most personal sentences I ever wrote. It’s where my heart is. In November 2014 I thought of visiting Nepal for the first time. I don’t really know why…I’m definitely not a mountain person. Still, seeing the Everest and Kathmandu seemed a tempting thing. And then I found by mistake it in a […]

Stay connected: SIM cards in Asia

As an online & communication junkie, I get out of the plane/ bus in a new place, shouting “Where can I get a SIM and mobile internet”. So here you’ll find all infos about the SIM cards and mobile internet I used in Asia.   Cambodia: SIM: SMART SIM Connection: everywhere top Costs: $10 for the surylikecrazy package […]

Us right after the earthquake. I posted this picture on FB to let everyone immediately know, that we are not hurt.

April 25th, 2015: In the shaker

When people come to know that I’ve been in Nepal for a couple of months, they ask me: before or after the earthquake. And I have to answer: before, DURING & after. Then you can see the interested look in their eyes. And of course they ask the careful question: And how was it?   How […]

April 25th, 2015: AFTER the shaker

Durbar Square has awesome temples and pagodas.On Durbar Square I held hands with a guy on a date.At Durbar Square I smell delicious coffe and cheesecake.On Durbar Square a guy stares at me because I’m wearing a dress.Durbar square is my favourite place here.   Durbar Square has no awesome temples & pagodas any more.On Durbar […]

The Superstar & me

The story of the superstar and me took place April 2015, a story in 5 acts:   Prolog: The superstar notices her on her first friday night in KTM. She is dancing the whole night in high heels, lost to the world. Except a short “hello-who-are-you-I-am” nothing else happens.   Act 1: The woman in high […]