ONCE or never? What to expect when using the new dating app.

Fast life, fast food, fast dates? Not if you use the ONCE dating concept. Instead of the swipe marathon on tinder and co, you’ll get ONE match per day, and you can’t even decide who this will be. Are your knees starting to shake already? Are you rolling your eyes …same movement they’re doing while using […]

Text me maybe – How to write best-in-class messages for  tinder & co

The worst thing you can do is bothering someone with a “Hi“. Wanna know the worst second message? There you go: “How are you“. If this is your modus operandi…simply forget about meeting cool people. And don’t be surprised if she has a headache that evening! When I get messages like those I have a headache […]

Amor a Roma

The stereotype of Romans? They greet all girls with “Ciao Bella”, date every girl and kiss her if she has not disappeared after 10 seconds. Myth or true? Of course I have been to Italy before (every year, I know I know), still I was curious. 4 days in Rome gave me enought time to find out a […]

Make-Up me: little helpers for travel dates

Before everyone starts a long trip, they usually check packing lists of other travellers. And they turn out to be really really usefull. But not only weight is one of the most important considerations.   Absolutely essential? My first trip had the meaningful motto ‘trip without high–heels’,  as I used to be kind of addicted to them (and […]

Kuala Lumpur: princess for one day

ONCE UPON A TIME there lived a princess who traveled the world alone, and she was very happy with it. BUT FROM TIME to time the princess longed to have company, and so she looked for a temporary prince. And so it happenend that the princess got to know a guy in Singapore, but because of a streak […]

Safer dates

When I started my trip alone, people tried to make me believe that the world is made of two types of guys: the ones want to kiss, others to rob you. I had to listen to lectures what could happen, because “you are travelling alone as a  w.o.m.a.n.”. It was really a pain in the…neck. Guess […]

The Superstar & me

The story of the superstar and me took place April 2015, a story in 5 acts:   Prolog: The superstar notices her on her first friday night in KTM. She is dancing the whole night in high heels, lost to the world. Except a short “hello-who-are-you-I-am” nothing else happens.   Act 1: The woman in high […]

KOH LANTA: keep on dancing

February 2015: Things come to an end. Thats how vacations, movies, songs and cheesecakes are. They end. Also summer and travel loves…end. In a fit of “woman” I accept for some minutes, that I DON’T want to accept it. For some minutes. Then I stand up…and accept it. And I move on. Its not a walk on a […]

Don’t kiss him!

How to identify a guy you should NEVER kiss?   1) He is extremly good looking and PROUD about it, but tries not to show it. 2) He is a poser, but its extremely well-done. 3) Fishing for compliments in a nicely way. 4) Pretending he is a bit shy. 5) Makes stupid compliments like:   […]

Kiss me great!