Sea-salt, sea-girl (why I love the sea)

Once Jules Verne said: The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence. So here’s my tribute to the place I where I feel whole, and happy.   Once in a lifetime you should go there: Phi Phi Island, Thailand   Italy, most visited in summer – what a mistake. Winters are so beautiful […]

Top 5 things you can NOT do in Kampot, and why you should still go there

Backbackers come to Kampot on their way to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Travelguides praise the city as laid back and romantic (river view, haha)…and quiet. I came to Kampot after an eventful time in Siem Reap. Angkor Wat made me speachless, then turned me into a philosoph, I met the assumed man of my dreams, […]

Siem Reap: my chart busters

Sleeping around: Hotels and more Hotspot and on budget: Schein Guesthouse is my favourite. For $10 I got a large room with 2 beds and my own bathroom. Walk to Pub Street: 15 mins. The terracce is cozy and I love having a late night beer with a date there. The owners warm-hearted and super nice. […]

Stay connected: SIM cards in Asia

As an online & communication junkie, I get out of the plane/ bus in a new place, shouting “Where can I get a SIM and mobile internet”. So here you’ll find all infos about the SIM cards and mobile internet I used in Asia.   Cambodia: SIM: SMART SIM Connection: everywhere top Costs: $10 for the surylikecrazy package […]

Angkor Wat: tribute in pictures

I could write so many articles about the fascination and magic of Angkor Wat. But you know what: come in and find out yourself.      

Angkor Wat: the real experience

Want to have a real Angkor Wat experience, instead of just a picture for your living room?   Go in summer. Why? 80% less tourists. Go alone. You are part of  couple of travelling with friends? Still: go alone.  Let Angkor reveal its meaning for YOU. Plus you’ll have something to chat about in the evening […]