Stupid reasons why peolpe don’t travel (alone)  

1) Money money money

Travelling is super expensive. The locals are going to overreach you, shopping is much more expensive and worse quality than at home. Oh, and you have no money because of the super huge TV you just bought.


2) No time (or: my super busy super important job)

You have to go to work, and it’s an important what-so-ever-manager stuff which can’t be done by anyone else than you. The company would go bust without you that’s for sure.


3) You don’t speak at least 3 foreign languages

Your bad luck is that nobody speaks english, nowhere (not even in the UK or US – they speak sort of english with a very bad accent).


4) The food is strange

People abroad eat worms. And snakes. Maybe even dogs. And you will not recognize what’s on your plate, which means it’s granted that you’ll eat strange stuff. From that you will get diarrhea. And don’t think of the dirty hospitals (= all hospitals which are not in your city).


5) It’s dangerous

You will get robbed. If you don’t get robbbed you will get a strange disease like cholera. If you don’t get cholera, you’ll break your bones wandering bad roads. If you don’t break some bones, you will get lost on the road getting into perilous slums. And THERE you will get robbed.


6) For woman travelling alone it’s even MORE dangerous

Every other tourist wants to rape you. Every local want to marry you. Every other single travelling woman wants to tell you her life story. Whatever…you will hate it.


7) It’s dirty

Personal hygiene: Think of the tourist you saw in this docu about backpacking: soaked with sweat-shirt, felted hair, cut shorts and dusty flipflops. And you will end up just like him!

Rest of the world: dusty raods led to filthy bars and restaurants where greasy and old food will make you sick. Even the so called romantic spots like Paris (too many people which spread their bacteria everywhere) and Venice (with stinking canals). And the worst is jet to come: you will bring home bugs, parasites and probably even a ginat spider in your bagage.


8) Weird traditions

You know that it’s correct to shake hands with the right hand. It’s correct to drive on the right side (most of the times). It’s correct to use cutlery and sit on a chair while eating (lunch at 1pm, dinner at 7pm). But out there…there are people who DON’T KNOW this. So beware!


9) Losing control

It will be impossible to keep fully control of your schedule. Your flight will be delayed. The navigation system will lead you to strange places where nobody gets out alive. The weather will suck even if you travel in the high season. And nothing in general will go how you have planned it.


10) What you seek is seeking you

Travelling will bring new experiences. New experiences will affect the way one’s looking at the world. New aspects about the world will change the personality. And who needs a new more open-minded personality.


Bar @ Klong Khong Beach


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