ONCE or never? What to expect when using the new dating app.

Fast life, fast food, fast dates?
Not if you use the ONCE dating concept. Instead of the swipe marathon on tinder and co, you’ll get ONE match per day, and you can’t even decide who this will be.

Are your knees starting to shake already? Are you rolling your eyes …same movement they’re doing while using tinder (-:



Why using Once?


  • Prefering meeting new people in real life, but…
  • …no time for going out a lot.
  • Deep talk instead of small talk: perfering getting to know ONE person deeper instead of 30 people superficially
  • Tired of the „meat inspection“ on tinder
  • No time for dealing with many potential dates at the same time or on the same day






How does it work for you as a user?


  • Download, add some pics, your location and 3 preferences – you’re done.
  • Of course you can add more information about yourself, and thats what most of the users do (more than on tinder).
  • Every day at 12am you’re getting you match oft he next 24 hours.
  • You like her/him – you klick like. You don’t: just don’t react. The user will disappear like cinderella at 12 am next day.
  • Both liked each other: you COMMUNICATE
  • BUT don’t forget: your match will disappear, so…
  • …exchange phone numbers and DATE.


Once dating app



Whats happening behind the curtain?

  • So called matchmakers match your pic with the pics of other users. Most of them are said to be women.
  • It’s said that they evaluate your mimics, cloth and so on to find the right match for you.
  • This is a very nice picture, BUT do I believe it’s true? Not really! However, it’s a fancy feeling that a special fairy is sitting somewhere trying to find a price form e (I’d also take his horse or better – his car).


Once dating app



For what you definitely will have to pay:

  • Getting your next matches before 12am next day
  • Writing a message to a match which didn’t (yet)  liked you





Travel-fitness: definitely not. If you are using dating apps on the road, you may not have time to get only ONE suggestion per 24 hours. Once is for people settling longer at one place.

I will not give you any further recommendation. As it’s a free app you should try it out yourself, and wait what happens.




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