Nepal: Why you should go there NOW! (and what you can expect)

Planning to go no Nepal now? Thats what you must know about it!

After the earthquake a lot of volunteers came to help, rebuilding and carrying away the remains of temples and buildings. News and articles suggested that Kathmandu now is a half destroyed city, where epidemics threaten potential visitors.
Well, I was there before, during and after the earthquake, and I guarantee you: this is bullshit!


Going to Nepal now: what you can expect

  • Kathmandu:
    Driving through KTM, you will hardy see any collapsed buildings any more. Loadshed (electricity plan) is on and off as it always was.
    Thamel, the centre, is booming. Souvenir shops and restaurants are doing their business as usually, and the Roadhouse pizza and szissling brownie are as yummy as they used to be (unfortunately).
Thamel AFTER the earthquake, July 2015.

Thamel AFTER the earthquake, July 2015 (no filter)

  • Temples and pagodas: are under reconstruction. The Boudha Stupa is standing, only the painting at the top is missing. Durbar Square is open for visitors although half of the temples are missing. And don’t blame them for charging an entrance fee. The Swayambhunath (“monkey temple”) was damaged but is open and the view over KTM as amazing as it has always been.
Boudha Stupa July 2015 (no filter)

Boudha Stupa July 2015 (no filter)


  • Pokhara: this amazing city by the lake was not damaged as seriously as KTM. Its as beautiful as always.
Pokhara Lake_100places100kisses

Pokhara – the lake (no filter)


  • Lets get the party started. The Reagge Bar, House of Music (my favourite spot) or Attic Bar. They all are booming. You don’t want to miss fridays and saturdays live gigs!
KTM_Friday is party night_100places100kisses

Fridays at Reagge Bar (girls, don’t pay for your drinks :-))


  • From the visa officer at the airport to the waiter in the restaurant: they are going to let you into their hearts even easier than before. Your visit gives HOPE to the people of Nepal.


Still unsure if or where to go in Nepal? Write me a message or a comment and I’ll love to be your virtual guide.





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