Make-Up me: little helpers for travel dates

Before everyone starts a long trip, they usually check packing lists of other travellers. And they turn out to be really really usefull. But not only weight is one of the most important considerations.

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Absolutely essential?

My first trip had the meaningful motto ‘trip without high–heels’,  as I used to be kind of addicted to them (and yeah, I still am). In a trace of sheer lunacy I decided that I won’t take make-up with me, eighter. And I’m NOT talking about eye shadow or primer. I’m talking about essentials like mascara. Or parfume.

A  confession:

I don’t really like the skin of my face. Its not that problematic, but still far away from being a baby skin without blemish. I accepted it how it is and started not using daily make-up any more. But a date was unthinkable without make-up. Well…at home.
At the beginning when I started having dates while travelling, the more I liked the guy, the more I felt a bit insecure.
So I made my guide for feeling self-confident without womans little helpers.

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Maybe I was lucky, but the first guy I dated was not into woman wearing make-up. Not at all.
And after some time I found out that no guy was really into it. The “Feint me, any way you can” attitude is NOT in any more, especially among long time travellers.

Better spending the time we need for putting on make-up
on accepting ourselves as we really ARE!


This is my belief, and it took me 6 moths of travelling and dating to be able to express it like that. It took me 6 months and a lot of dates to send former certainties to hell and to accept myself as I am. Without being sort of dependent of what guys might think if I show up in the state I really AM on that day.
It’s fact that we feel good being dressed up nicely. Also when we travel. However without painting over our real appearance.Priness of the castle_Hue, Vietnam


My little helpers for travel dates


  • Trust Chanel:
    My personal must-pack is the little black dress (but not too elegant). It fitted me on a beach party just as well as for a night out in a Singapore 5* club. Pack a stretchy dress, as you’ll never know how much you’ll like the food somewhere you never been before (-:  And take into account that you’ll sometimes have to wash it by hand, so choose an allrounder material.
  • The favourite piece: The black dress is not always the right choice. You should have at least 2 shirts and a skirt/ shorts with you, in which you feel really attractive. Another great thing here is that you’ll never feel bored of them.
  • The coiffure lasts: Take the essential gadgets you need…but choose a travel-version of it.
    As I’m naturally curly (and not identic on each side) I feel better taking my hair straightener with me.
  • An ambrosial body lotion:
    You’ll never going to miss your parfume on a date with a body lotion that fits your personality, AND its essential for a hydrated skin.
  • Your eyecandy:
    One (and I mean ONE) piece of jewellery you really love. Earrings, a necklace, whatever. Only one, you are not a christmas tree but a backpacker lady (-:

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Stay authentic. Wear your sunburn skin self-confident. Date easygoing!


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