KOH LANTA: keep on dancing

February 2015: Things come to an end.
Thats how vacations, movies, songs and cheesecakes are. They end. Also summer and travel loves…end.
In a fit of “woman” I accept for some minutes, that I DON’T want to accept it. For some minutes. Then I stand up…and accept it. And I move on. Its not a walk on a plancton-illuminated beach.
BUT: if you stand up, if you walk on…you maybe will – dance!


Finn* was not really my type. But I’m really into out-of-the-box first messages. And there he was. This guy from Ireland, who decided to live on Koh Lanta, doing his business and enjoying the chilled atmosphere.

On our first, which also was the last date, we ended up in this fabulous club. Usually full of young and young-remained. When we arrived: nearly empty.
Here a little outing: Everyone is surprised – or makes fun of me – because I don’t know titles, neighter enterpreteurs. My singing skills are worst ever: I was forbidden to sing at school, because my mates used to follow my loud voice…my loud BUT wrong voice.


I don’t know how it happended. But suddenly Finn took over the DJ desk for me…

Last night a dj saved my life
Last night a dj saved my life from a broken heart
Last night a dj saved my life
Last night a dj saved my life with a SONG¹


He put on this song, he took my hand, and…

I see you looking at me
I can tell by your eyes that your feeling me
and I really want you to get close to me.
So wont you DANCE with me…dance with me.²


And so close to each other it came as it should be in every good movie…

So honey now
Take me into your lovin’ arms
KISS ME under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I’m thinking out loud
Maybe we found love right where we are³


The kiss was promising and the night enchanted. Little we knew that we shouldn’t see each other again.

It never really did and now it’s never gonna happen with the two of us.*

paper laterns on Lanta_100places100kisses


¹ Whole credit goes to: Indeep, Last night the DJ saved my life
² Whole credit goes to: 112, Dance with me
³ Whole credit goes to: Ed Sheeran: Thinking out loud
**Whole credit goes to: Lily Allen, never gonna happen
*Whats in a name!



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