Inspiring quotes from travellers I met!

Sometimes I forgot their names. Sometimes I was frustrated and not open for a conversation. Sometimes I was in love and therefore thinking about something else.
But I still can name the place and why these quotes are so inspiring, not only for me but for any other part & full-time traveller.


In Kep Cambodia_100places00kisses

My friend Tina was the first one encouraging me to give up my old live and get on the road. It sounded simple when she said it. And it turned out to be simple and hard and the best decision of my life.



sunset in Kao Lak 100places100kisses

I guess everybody who decides quiting and getting on the road has a story and a reason to do so. Most of us were not happy in their old life. I got this advice and I think its true…to feel yourself again you should do something you were always afraid of. Not much to lose, right.



chocolate hills bohol philippines travelblog 100places100kisses

I admire how much self confidence and curiosity this 19 year old girl from the Philippines had. And I’m sure she will achieve whatever she wants, maybe even getting prime minister of her country, fighting against corruption.



dinner on koh lanta 100places100kisses

I became friends with my thai neighbours on Koh Lanta. They have been there where I was, and they have suffered from being used and forced to be someone else to survive. The peace they found and the experience and strenghts they gained is what they wanted me to have too. I’m very thankfull that they let me into their home and heart.



Nagarkot Nepal 10places100kisses

In Nagarkot in Nepal I met the owner of the best hotels there. He started with nothing and at the beginning he used to build the stairs and the concrete himself. Now he is a rich and famous man, but when I met him he was tiling himself, just because he likes working. He told me the words above with full passion and from his heart.



Earthquakes Nepal 100places100kisses

This qoute was more than a quote. It was a national thought, attitude, mindset. Go out and do something!



thailand roadtrip 100places100kisses

This is what I and all roadtrip drivers feel. Its said that 4 wheels move the body, but 2 wheels move the sould. And I can feel that every time I’m on 2 wheels. Can you too?



sand dunes vietnam 100places100kisses

When I travelled together with my friend Jasmine, she turned out to be much better in saying goodbye to people which were not meant for us. I can learn a lot from her, and I already did.



paragliding pokhara nepal 100places100kisses

When I was in Pokhara, Nepal, I wanted to do paragliding. Manju, the woman who owned the little agency, has to manage to get by her son and herself. She often struggles, but she stays positive. Pls visit and book your trip there if you ever come to Pokhara.



singapore couple 00places100kisses

I felt in love the first week entering Kathmandus territory. Not only with Nepal, but with a guy as well. Playing games have never been my metier. And some games have always been the same. Good that a friend reminded me of that!



Angkor Wat travelblog 100places100kisses

I could have rushed through the countries and their cities and see more than I did so far (26). But by chilling away the hours you’ll get more creative and inspiring.



Sihanoukville Cambodia travelblog 100places100kisses

Sometimes I’m outgoing, witty and all that shit. Sometimes I’m shy and my brain is on strike, don’t know what to say or how to say it, especially in big groups I really suck. After getting so many advices blablabla, this sentence above from a traveller I met in Siem Reap is THE thing that keeps me going.



Angkor Wat cambodia travelblog 100places100kisses

The guy I dated first coming to Cambodia was managing a charity organisation. I told him about my new dream for life, and with 100 percent confidence he pronounced this simple sentence.



gardens singaport travelblog 100places100kisses

My prince from Singapore had an interesting way of looking to things. Its much more interesting to see where people fail but listening to their success stories. We learn from failure, if we don’t stay there.





Boracay philippines travelblog 100places100kisses

When we believe in something, we fight for it. At least that how you will be successful. When I volunteered I had my own ideas and I couldn’t keep quiet. And the results proved my way to be a great one, and I really loved these words above which were said to me by the project manager.
Don’t make yourself small – others are going to profit from your passion!



angkor wat cambodia 100places100kisses

The best Angkor Wat experience is to sit down with a beer and cigar and watch the sunset. So I did and attracted a guy which I shared my treats with. We had a deep and inspiring conversation about life and mentors without even knowing our names. I’ve never seen him again, but I’ll always remember the magic of that moment.



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