Gili Trawangan in breathtaking pictures

T is the largest of the three Gili Islands, which means that the permanent population is only about 800 inhabitants.

Gili Trawangan was the first of the three islands to attract backpackers, but in the 1990s, therefore the island got the reputation of being a wild party island (which is still true).



Now luxury and too huge hotels settled at the really not very wide beaches, and the prices developed in the touristic direction, which means that you can spend 100 dollars per night for a bungalow, which is not really offering the Robinson Crusoe feeling.


Stil the island IS wonderfull, and if you wander around you may find a lonely spot at a paradise-like beach.


Fresh mushrooms? Not always, it depends on the season.


The atmosphere is laid back, you find nice bars with sand-dancefloor and local bands performing the same songs every night.


True saying 😉


Backpackers are carrying their loads to their original huts and walk the narrows roads, but you also see 5stars tourists on the usual “taxis” – horse drawn carriages.




Everything you will drink, eat or buy is brought by boat the Gili T, but have you ever noticed how the boats hit land and how your fresh beer is carried to the cozy bar?
Some tourists complain about the prices which increase year by year (still its super cheap compared to european or US standards!), but once you realize what effort it means for you to hold the cold beer in your hand while watching the sunset, you hopefully may reconsider whats it is worth?


The Gili sunsets got famous, and you can choose from various numbers of restaurants or bars your spot to enjoy the sun kissing the Bali sea.




Surrounding the island you will find old fishermen equipment and it’s the best to take a walk on the beach, exploring slowly the nature and also – unfortunately – finding the remains of some crazy bonfire party nights (as rubbish).



But when the nights falls down on the island, and the light gets lower, one forgets about some empty bottles or plastic rubbish. Then the full magic of the once untouched beaches will come on your mind, calming you down, catapulting you into paradise.




Gili T was for very long time my dream destination, and once I set foot on the island it caught my breath away.
Still it is NOT the untouched and sandy paradise, as (as everywhere in Asia) the environmental efforts lack and tourists neither “help” to protect the wonderful nature. Near hotels everything is nearly perfect, but it’s an illusion you lose once you surround the other parts of the island, which seem to turn to a garbage dump.



Still, a dream came true once I took the boat from bali to “my paradise”, where I danced in the sand, drank good beer, spend precious (thus sometimes suffering) times with my best friend, enjoyed best-in-class seafood, dreamed at magical sunsets, and explored once again the wonder of this crazy planet I live on.




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