Dates I don’t write about

Once I was bored and I really don’t know why – but I looked up the definition of a date. Weird little thing. Who has written THAT!
Wanna hear about it (of course you want so you’ll keep on reading – thats my plan!).


A form of courtship, which may include any social activity undertaken by, typically, two persons with the aim of assessing each other’s suitability as a partner.


That sounds really…technical. Where is the magic. The butterflies in my belly?
The laughter and the moment when someone touches your hand for the first time.
The moment when everything seems possible.
When you find your soul or your passion in someone else. When you find a mirror showing a better you.


A date in singapur 100places100kisses


Once I used to be very introverted about my private life and my relationship. I don’t know if I would have been like that if my former partner would have been more open-minded. It doesn’t count. My friends and me don’t mind talking openly to each other about the struggle with love, dates and the quest for maybe finding the right one for you. There are funny stories waiting to be told, because the human nature is the most fruitful source of where we learn from, what we talk about, and what entertains us. The only thing that really counts is how seriously you take failure and mishaps.


Look!- the damn prince is coming on his white horse!

When I started travelling I was not looking for any kind of relationship besides making friends. The first time I didn’t even realize that I was on a date, I was not expecting anything. But that was not what I got – me lucky girl.
I learned about the magic of a real date, getting to know the real him, delving into the history and personality of someone. That what a real date is for me, although I fully admit that I get to know guys from tinder as well as in real life. But there are many of us out there, looking for the magic moments and the inner light of others.


Miss him_ 100places100kisses


Dates are a maze and…

The funny, entertaining and memories-building dates on the road are special. They are batshitcrazy adventures undertaken in situations where you feel supercalifragilisticexpialigated, letting things out from an inner room you weren’t even aware that it exists.
I never thought I would be a dancing queen with my own club and DJ in Thailand, or a princess in Kuala Lumpur. But it really happened, and I’m still very thankful to the guys making this fantastic memories and being part if the things I have stored under “it -was-the-time-of-my-life”. Dating is for me that one which should be linked to the box of pralines. You never know…


Love is a riddle

There are dates and there are dates. Isn’t THAT a deep and fascinating thought!?! You don’t think so? Read it once again (; Damn, I’m really good at procratination, right! I wanted to write about what I don’t write about, and here we are 416 words later, and you still don’t know the point. Okay…SORRY.
I still enjoy dating, a lot, because I enjoy meeting new people as well as I’m a romantic person and I love the magic of a real date, where-ever it happens. But. The lifestyle I want to live, to follow my dreams and see the world, volunteer a lot and give a hand with all my skills where needed, is not the common one. It’s something people use to admire but never do it themselves. That’s okay, because I grew bigger than that and I know that I’m not compatible any more with the 9-5 guy. I choosed this myself or it simply happened, and I’m okay with it. But this makes it much harder finding my partner in crime, who wants to follow my dreams and create new ones together.

No limits beyond this point_100places100kisses


Dates I don’t write about

I felt in love since I started travelling alone. The first time I didn’t even fight for an impossible dream to come true. I was not fooled by the guy, for what I’m really thankful, as I heared from other female travellers other stories.  We became friends, which absolutely feels right. We were not meant for each other.

There is this song I don’t want to name, but in this song the girl says that she met the one meant for her life.
She sings that she knows it from the beginning on.
He’s the one she’s going to spend her whole life with.

The song doesn’t tell us if they did, but I wish her so. Not every feeling like that turns out to become reality. You may feel that someone is your partner in crime, whereas your potetial partner in crime is off to new adventures which are not including any kind of relationship.

Love on the Road?

We are all human. We follow our dreams. Our desires. We fall in love. We rip people out of our heart. We move on. Sometimes leaving broken dreams behind.

And that are the kind of dates I’m not writing about. Thank you for keeping up till this last paragraph.


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