Come and see what I love about AMSTERDAM (in pictures)

This is a tribute in pictures, so sit back, relax, and let me refresh you eyes!

Early in the morning, Sunday, and alone strolling around the streets of Amsterdam



A view from the boat tour which explains the perspective. Isn’t it beautiful…architecture-porn!



Do you fancy birds? Me not, but they chilled like bosses over there.


The second bridge already, but I can’t get enough…


Nice hugh?


At the flower market…those pink pretties were hanging from the roof


Free juice…topless bartenders…false advertising!!


This is the flower market from the back side, I love this building in the middle


Just some letter boxes I liked


Fancy shopping? You will find the most amazing and creative shops in Amsterdam



Netherlands are famous for tulips, but you’ll find everything there. These flowers are not sooo fancy or special, but the exist and they are colourful, what else can you ask for?


This is my favourite shot I took in Amsterdam, these houses and the architecture fascinates me every time and on and on and…



Now you know where to go to, right! Back entrance of the theatre.



And how do like more?



Welcome to……damdamdamdam….Nine Streets! Shopping chilling and and and


Before you are on your way to the famous red light district, make sure you’ll enjoy dinner and drinks at one of the canal bars while watching the sun going down and the lights turning on…



Church of our lady, it was near our flat and so we came to see it a couple of times every day.






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