Hamburgs Speicherstadt – in love with bricks

Speicherstadt is Hamburgs answer of Venice’s canals. It’s less colorfull, nearly empty in winter, and consists of bricks. A lot of bricks. They are brown-redisch and…fascinating. I won’t provide much information about history, this is more a tribute in pictures. Have a look:         It’s the biggest storehouse ensemble of the world and […]

Reeperbahn: alone with red lights

One attraction of Hamburg is the famous Reeperbahn in district St. Pauli. Famous…for what? Well for example for that… And for that as well… Okay, thats only ONE for women, all others aim as usually…men. But don’t worry, there is enough to do and to see on REEPERBAHN, the main street of Hamburgs red light district. […]

Went to Munich – saw nothing! – My new travelblogger life.

I know, I know. I mean I’m writing a travelblog, right. So I should at least …visit maybe? That you expect from me, right? A church. Or…a museum. Or something like that. Really? Great idea. But sometimes…I just suck. I went on a roadtrip. I went on a roadtrip to Munich. I went on a roadtrip […]