Come and see what I love about AMSTERDAM (in pictures)

This is a tribute in pictures, so sit back, relax, and let me refresh you eyes! Early in the morning, Sunday, and alone strolling around the streets of Amsterdam     A view from the boat tour which explains the perspective. Isn’t it beautiful…architecture-porn!     Do you fancy birds? Me not, but they chilled like […]

What no-one told me about AMSTERDAM (and what YOU should know)

1) You can rent a boat and drive the canals on your own! Most people do the commercial canal tours which are offered at every corner of the city. Don’t! Its much cooler to get yourself a picnic and drive through the water streets on your own. You will see lots of private boats where locals […]

You have only ONE thing you can visit in Sevilla? The Real Alcazar should be it!

What is the Real Alcazar? The Alcazar is not crowded most time of the year for nothing. The beauty of the fortress palace is going to catch the visitor, bringing him back in time and making him feel the centuries of monarch generations who lived and ruled there. Built already in 913, it is nowadays the residence […]

Barcelonas beach-clubs: Where the party never ends!

Barcelona offers a lot of amazing sights, but at nights the city get REALLY vibrant when coming to the famous beach-clubs on Barcelonetta. The whole city is at the beach partying till sunrise. You’ve not partied there – you’ve not been to Barcelona (: I will tell you here all you have to know about the top 5 […]

Edinburgh’s Top 10

Sherlock Holmes Statue: Call it banal or not, but the Sherlock Holmes Staue at York Place (from where you can take the bus to nearly everywhere in Edinburgh) is a classic you shouldn’t miss. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle invented him, because he was pissed about the murder stories in which detectives solved the case my mistake […]

Hamburgs Speicherstadt – in love with bricks

Speicherstadt is Hamburgs answer of Venice’s canals. It’s less colorfull, nearly empty in winter, and consists of bricks. A lot of bricks. They are brown-redisch and…fascinating. I won’t provide much information about history, this is more a tribute in pictures. Have a look:         It’s the biggest storehouse ensemble of the world and […]

Reeperbahn: alone with red lights

One attraction of Hamburg is the famous Reeperbahn in district St. Pauli. Famous…for what? Well for example for that… And for that as well… Okay, thats only ONE for women, all others aim as usually…men. But don’t worry, there is enough to do and to see on REEPERBAHN, the main street of Hamburgs red light district. […]

Christmas in Vienna: finally the truth

Christmas in Vienna…how many people are dreaming of this. Apparently, a lot. There are these xmas traditions in every city, and as I’m from there I can name them all. And no, I’m not kidding.   1.Visit as much xmas markets as you can squeeze in   2. where you drink as much “punsch” as you […]

Krakow: I left with sorrow and a luggage filled with cherry wodka

Okay listen, I’m not going to say this twice: go to Krakow. Don’t even think of another destination for the next city trip. Krakow is your match! Trust me. It’s not only the flavoured Wodka (although…) which you can taste in Wodka cafes and bars (hazelnut, cherry!!, pear, plum and raspberry are my favourites). It’s the atmosphere, […]

Auschwitz: Where time has no power above memories

It was the brightest day of fall October 2015 when I followed the path of death to Auschwitz-Birkenau. This day trip can be booked from Krakow which gives your city trip a macabre touch…and more than that. Auschwitz will leave you with a ripped soul and wondering whereas mankind deserves any good.   Decisions and death: […]

Went to Munich – saw nothing! – My new travelblogger life.

I know, I know. I mean I’m writing a travelblog, right. So I should at least …visit maybe? That you expect from me, right? A church. Or…a museum. Or something like that. Really? Great idea. But sometimes…I just suck. I went on a roadtrip. I went on a roadtrip to Munich. I went on a roadtrip […]

The production of an artist is the expression of an adventure of his soul.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Silence. Visitors next to visitors are standing there. All you can hear is their breath. Sometimes a very very silent moan. Is someone going to collapse, I’m thinking, unable to leave and make room. I want to have it…the thought appears clearly in my mind. I want to stare at it […]

Grado in winter: How to climb a fence!

February 2014: Sometimes I belong to those people who are so sensitive, that they feel in a parking which car needs an oil change. Happenings can’t touch my soul as much as people can do. I belong to the so called went right – too far. So if nothing is going right, I go left. Refuelling my batteries […]

Vienna – Spend 1 day like a local

Hello Stranger! The first thing….you are a stranger. So I’m not going to like you from the beginning on. Sorry, but thats our lifestyle. Get over it. You want to come to Vienna? Okay that makes you a bit more likeable, but not to much. You must know one thing: I’m from Vienna! I’m going to […]