Koh Lanta: my chart-busters

I tested all these places during my 2 month stay on Koh Lanta, 2015 Sleeping around: Hotels and more »Hotspot and on budget: Special are the huts and treehouses of where else resort. ♥ having my own hammock. @ Klong Khong beach. Only for Robinson Crusoe feeling lovers! »Quiet and on budget: Hidden bungalows @ Bay Kantiang: […]

KOH LANTA: keep on dancing

February 2015: Things come to an end. Thats how vacations, movies, songs and cheesecakes are. They end. Also summer and travel loves…end. In a fit of “woman” I accept for some minutes, that I DON’T want to accept it. For some minutes. Then I stand up…and accept it. And I move on. Its not a walk on a […]

KOH LANTA: lights and kisses

January 2015: Maybe I was the only person who was NOT using tinder? It seemed so. But here is the naive truth: the last time I had dates, we simply TALKED  2 each other. In bars, at the beach, on the street, busstation….you got it? After two weeks of guys starring at my tanned legs, without […]

KOH LANTA: new life – new friends

January 2015: Since september 2014, when I decided quitting everything quit-able, I tried to imagine it: Living on a beautiful island.Waking up with the view of the ocean.Walking with sandy feet.Bye beloved higheels – hello flipflops   And there I was! Arriving with a huuuuge and heeeeavy backpack on Lanta. Dropped by the microbus on the end […]

Sunset @ Long Beach