The 1 Million star Hotel: A stay at Bubble Hotel Bali

By accident we found the so called 1 million star hotel/ bubble on Bali, while combing through the internet and making plans for getting some of mindblowing and novel experience on the island which is packed with everything ever entered a plane looking for balinese full body massage. We got a starry starry night and I […]

Nepal: Why you should go there NOW! (and what you can expect)

Planning to go no Nepal now? Thats what you must know about it! After the earthquake a lot of volunteers came to help, rebuilding and carrying away the remains of temples and buildings. News and articles suggested that Kathmandu now is a half destroyed city, where epidemics threaten potential visitors. Well, I was there before, during […]

A walk through Kathmandu

When I arrived for the first time in Kathmandu, March 2015, it was during the coldest march since many years. Everybody kept telling me this. It was raining and it was dark. And with dark I mean: no electricity, therefore no lights on the street. Thus I felt in love with this city, and since then I’ve been […]

Gili Trawangan in breathtaking pictures

T is the largest of the three Gili Islands, which means that the permanent population is only about 800 inhabitants. Gili Trawangan was the first of the three islands to attract backpackers, but in the 1990s, therefore the island got the reputation of being a wild party island (which is still true).     Now luxury and too huge […]

Invisible in Indonesia – The non-existant role of women

I love Asia, I really do. Although…not so the mosques…the noise at 4am during ramadan. That maybe not. It HAD something to do with religion, culture and more, why I felt invisible during my 3 weeks in Indonesia this year, though I’ve not made this experience last year in Jakarta. Traveling not as usually alone but […]

Weird shopping experiences in China: Qingping market

I’ve read so much bout it, travelled it, and still have not write one single post about: CHINA. It’s too huge, too fascinating and weird, lovely and smokey, rude and welcoming, blowing up the visitors mind. I have a sort of strong love-hate for this country, which also seems to let me forget words I’d need […]

Off Limits: Paragliding in Nepal

The safetly instructions were simple: run down this slope till you feel that we take off. The other important thing: I hope you’re wearing your bikini underneath, in case we land in the water. And off we flew!   Pokhara is the best place for paragliding in Nepal. You can relax in the air at 2000 […]

Singapore: in love with steel

June 2015: The funny thing is that nobody I know was really much into Singapore. Nobody besides me. Why? The were missing nature in the 100% artificial (and superficial) asean metropole. And – that’s mentionable as well – in the damn expensive one. That was my first impression of Singapore – and I loved it! This […]

Boracay – A tribute in pictures

Yes it’s crowded, but when you go in low season (I was in July 2015)…okay it’s still crowded. But you get to know some stunning moods of nature.     But baby…there should be laughter after pain, there should be sunshine after rain…theses things had always been the same…so why worry (Dire Straits, Why worry)   […]

Top 5 things you can NOT do in Kampot, and why you should still go there

Backbackers come to Kampot on their way to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Travelguides praise the city as laid back and romantic (river view, haha)…and quiet. I came to Kampot after an eventful time in Siem Reap. Angkor Wat made me speachless, then turned me into a philosoph, I met the assumed man of my dreams, […]

Boracay: my chart busters

So you decided to go to Boracay right. Let me guess: you saw the pictures of White Beach and heared that it is under the top 10 beaches on this world? isn’t (thats Puka beach, still you are right coming to Boracay for that one). Don’t get me wrong: I love Boracay a lot. But […]

nagnepal: The better version of me!

This post contains perhaps the most personal sentences I ever wrote. It’s where my heart is. In November 2014 I thought of visiting Nepal for the first time. I don’t really know why…I’m definitely not a mountain person. Still, seeing the Everest and Kathmandu seemed a tempting thing. And then I found by mistake it in a […]

Siem Reap: my chart busters

Sleeping around: Hotels and more Hotspot and on budget: Schein Guesthouse is my favourite. For $10 I got a large room with 2 beds and my own bathroom. Walk to Pub Street: 15 mins. The terracce is cozy and I love having a late night beer with a date there. The owners warm-hearted and super nice. […]