Boracay: my chart busters

So you decided to go to Boracay right. Let me guess: you saw the pictures of White Beach and heared that it is under the top 10 beaches on this world? isn’t (thats Puka beach, still you are right coming to Boracay for that one).
Don’t get me wrong: I love Boracay a lot. But imagine this picture of the beach…now crowded with thousands of tourists. And realize that you are going to visit the most touristic place on the really beautiful Philippines.

You have been warned (-;
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Sleeping around: Hotels and more

Quiet and on budget:
 Book a room via airbnb. Its the cheapest option for Boracay, but you might be not on White Beach where the nightlife takes place.

Hotspot, not on budget: any hotel on white beach. A good and not to noisy one (its on the other side of the street) is the Jony’s Beach Resort. It has a nice pool as well, and the double rooms are affordable (for Boracay conditions, so don’t expect too much!).



HotANDspicy: best places 2 eat

Boracay_drinks and food_100places100kisses

Streetfood: Is everywhere delicious! ♥ the grilled chicken

Mayas: My favourite restaurant on Boracay (mexican, filipino and western food). Situated on White Beach (directly on the beach, station 1 entering 2) it offers a creative menue and extremely friendly waiters. Their fresh fruit drinks are yummy.

Best coffee: Real Coffee & Tea Cafe (Station 2), great place to watch the sunset from the roof and enjoy a fresh brewed high quality coffee. Open till 7pm.


Fun Shops:

Boracay shopping_100places100kissesBudget Mart is the biggest and cheapest supermarket on the island. Find it on White Beach, D’Mall, Station 2. Also look for local products, you’ll find funny things (see pic).

Expensive and crowded: D’Mall at Station 2 White Beach offers whatever the typical tourist wants – souvenirs (kind of expensive) and beach shops. Sometimes practical because of the supermarket.

Talipapa market: fresh fish (bargain) and cheaper souvenirs if you like the typical ones.


„No Sports“? (Winston Churchill)

Woman in Boothcam_Koh Lanta_100places100kisses
» Running: once you’ll getting used to heat and humidity (good luck), you can run on white beach or puka beach (they are long enough) or on the streets. Beware of the tricycles.

» Yoga: Boracay Yoga on White beach station 1 is a very good one, the intructors put a lot of effort in helping you to get the best out of the exercises.

» Funboard? I haven’t tried it myself, but I heared good reviews of the Funboard center, where you can learn windsurfing or kitesurfing. Its on Bulabog beach, which is said to be Asia’s most attractive kite-and windsurfing spot.


Genre: romance

Sunset couple_100places100kisses

Lets face it: Boracay is the most visited island of the Philppines. To find a romantic place where you are alone is nearly impossible. Still:

♥ Make a sunset picnic on Puka beach (see pic at the top). Go right and walk about 300 meters. You’ll be alone there.

♥ Boracay West Cove resort (yes I know (-;) on Diniwid Beach is build in Gaudi style, and the cabine over the ocean are stunning.
What I love about it: it’s the only resort using non-disruptive technology to preserve the environment, such as solar panel for energy provision, a water catchment system for plants,                                          and the inherent trees are preserved.


Something important is missing? Well, I don’t care. You can still leave a comment and tell me about it (-;



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