Boracay – A tribute in pictures

Yes it’s crowded, but when you go in low season (I was in July 2015)…okay it’s still crowded. But you get to know some stunning moods of nature.

Boracay white beach 100places100kisses



But baby…there should be laughter after pain, there should be sunshine after rain…theses things had always been the same…so why worry (Dire Straits, Why worry)

Boracay Philippines 100places100kisses



Love it even when it rains…impressive! Monsoon season IS stunning!

Boaracy Philippines 100places100kisses



The of endless walk on white beach…get ready to dance in the riptide.

Boracay Phillipines 100places100kisses



Talking about endless ways…if you walk to Punta Bunga beach you’ll going to be alone on this road…only you and the sun and the green.

Boracay Philippines 100places100kisses



Prefere driving? No cars on Boracay or motorbike rentals (unless you want to pay 80$ per day). So you take a tricycle!

Boracay getting around 100places100kisses



Did you know: White Beach and Diniwid beach are connected through a road along the…not really the coast…the waves puts it better! Amazing and slippery.

Boracay diniwid and white beach 100places100kisses



A lot to do o the sea…if you are not in the mood for just chiling like me.

Boracay stand up paddling 100places100kisses



Kids games. If you smile they ask you to join. The game is not as easy as it seems.

Boracay 10places100kisses



My favourite coffee shop on White Beach, good place to watch the sunset as well. The waiters are not as funny as the decoration.

Boracay_drinks and food_100places100kisses



Every day another castle.  I guess eveone who was on Boracay took the same pic. This is mine (:

Boracay sand castle 100places100kisses



The best beach on the island. White Beach is under the top 10 on this world, but PUKA beach is the one Boracay became famous for!

Boracay Puka beach 100places00kisses



Sunset is much more exciting after the storm right. This one was on White Beach.

Boracay sunset 100places100kisses



Of course I COULD stop now…but I still have a few. Not much, I promise (:   Ooou…and this is Punta Bunga Beach.

Boracay punta bunga beach 100places100kisses



Though a tricyle or ten are waiting at every corner (unless you are packed with that case you find none), I used to walk my way on Boracay. So I could take every sunset at a different corner.

Boracay sunset 100places100kisses



The last one, now I reall mean what I’m writing (:. Maybe you know it because its my ABOUT pic. Don’t hate me for my tann, it’s genes and not my fault.
Me on my 32th birthday on Boracay. I had a blast!

Birthday on Boracay 100places100kisses



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