Barcelonas beach-clubs: Where the party never ends!

Barcelona offers a lot of amazing sights, but at nights the city get REALLY vibrant when coming to the famous beach-clubs on Barcelonetta. The whole city is at the beach partying till sunrise. You’ve not partied there – you’ve not been to Barcelona (:
I will tell you here all you have to know about the top 5 beach-clubs at Platja de Barcelonetta.


But before coming to the beach-clubs we have to make sure that you get some essentials before you set foot in the plane: get yourself a VIPIN card!

No I’m not working for them, so why?
1) SAVE MONEY: you pay 50€ and can enter all beachclubs as often as you want to for 3 nights (usually you pay 20€ per club per entry). The card is also available for 1 night of course.
2) SKIP ALL LINES: (that’s what we love most of all; and yeah we felt so important lol)
3) 1 CARD – 14 CLUBS: the card is valid for 14 different top clubs in the city, not only for those on the beach We took the card and it was the best decisions of our (party)lives, because standing in line for up to 3 hours for entering a club is so NOT tempting. AND if we didn’t like the vibes we just left after short time without whinning about the 20€ entry.

vipin-card barcelona



And now let’s get it on:


catwalk club barcelona

What we love:
∗R&B area upside, electronical music (and also chartbusters) on the first floor
∗Best ever roof top terrace  with great view on the „golden fish“ which rises above you
∗Very good cocktails (roof top bar), reasonable price (caipirinha 10€)
∗Chilled out and funny people no specific dresscode (though don’t go there in your beach outfit)

What sucks:
If takes you long to get OUT-side thus the security is not able to manage those wanting inside (would make sense letting folks who want to go outside FIRST, then you have more space inside lol)



carpe diem club barcelona

What we love:
The interior is WOW: 1001 nights fairy tale lookalike. Best I ever seen.
∗Experimantal cocktails: fancy a red karma, a lychee martini or a CDLC whisper tonight?
∗Fine hip hop, EDM and RnB
∗Very cool and friendly folks, you get easily in touch

What sucks:
Convoluted architecture makes it hard to find a good place to dance too crowded: when I was there (4 nights) it was the most crowded club (don’t know why, they had no special DJ or event), BUT hey the vibes are great so who cares



opium club barcelona

What we love:
∗Super cool chill out area outside (opens at 12am) with spectacular sea view (ok all clubs have that)
∗Best cocktails of all clubs (11-15€) made with high class alcohol, nearly no ice so you have more REAL cocktail, and fresh ingredients
∗Deliciuos food (try the avocado tuna tartare)
∗Great DJs (but don’t expect David Guetta or Martin Solveig to be there every night)
∗Super fancy interior
∗Dresscode, but you can wear comfy shoes and clothes as long as they are classy cool showacts.
Yeah – my favourite!!

What sucks:
∗Lots of snotty people (but as long as you are with your crowd it doesn’t matter)
∗Cocktails cost 5-8€ more after 12 pm with lower quality
∗You are not allowed to take drinks tot he chill out area outside after 2:30am (only in cans)



pacha barcelona

What we love:
Sorry, but not much!
∗Cool white interior and big dance space

What (really!) sucks:
∗Unfriendly waiters
∗ It takes extremely long till they bring your drinks (sometimes you get ignored for half an hour…); if not being in the VIP area compared to the other clubs small outside area
∗Very! pricy (in a land of pricy clubs it’s the invincible king) – cocktails from 15€ upwards. If you don’t have a VIP table be prepared to stand all night – no sitting opportunities for the infantry (;

Pacha is the place for going only to be able to tell that you have been there. So if thats what you want…have fun.
Note: audience 18-24 yrs old




shoko club barcelona

What we love:
∗Fusion food (asean/mediterranean)
∗Famous theme parties – make sure you’re on the guest list simply the name (:
∗Pretty cool showacts

What sucks:
∗Really small portions to high price, overthink eating there if you are really hungry
∗Monotonous music: I had the impression of hearing the same song for over half an hour – made it unattractive to dance because you simply get bored!
∗And the interior is not really fancy compared to the other beach clubs.



Lunch time at Opium Club Barcelona


On (in) the CATWALK


Pacha Club - seeming happier than we have been.

Pacha Club – seeming happier than we have been.



You can find all clubs pretty close to each other and ideal for party hopping. Have fun!



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