8 month alone in Asia and can’t get enough! Hello world, hello slow travel….


You see, I tried to write a headline which explains everything you might expect finding on this page. To be honest, I don’t know what more to add.
I’m blogging about travel, right. So it’s obvious that I love knitting.
I guess you know what I mean.


Oooh yeah, one more thing (of course, there ALWAYS is one more thing):

As you can see I also write about dates because I used to have some funny mets  travelling alone as a girl.  But in fact I like dates a lot: Meeting new people, in a relaxed and sometimes romantic atmosphere…cmon girls, we all love that!

Nowadays I date my boyfriend which is fun and I recommend you should do too in your relationship. Date each other and never stop doing that. Probably the only relationship advice you need!


I’m young and the world is mine. And yours, if you want!


Enjoy & take care!


PS: Oooups one more thing (you knew it, right): during my trips I volunteered a lot. For a long time, and as I love it be prepared to read related posts. Thats all now. I swear!






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