Went to Munich – saw nothing! – My new travelblogger life.

I know, I know. I mean I’m writing a travelblog, right. So I should at least …visit maybe? That you expect from me, right? A church. Or…a museum. Or something like that.
Really? Great idea. But sometimes…I just suck.

I went on a roadtrip.
I went on a roadtrip to Munich.
I went on a roadtrip to Munich and I saw…
I went on a roadtrip to Munich and saw…nearly nothing.



First of all…it was cold. It was cold and rainy, at least a bit. Sometimes. And I was tired. Excuses? Of course I’m making excuses.
A fact is that all european cities are sort of the same. Not REALLY the same…but there are a lot of similarities. Arriving from Vienna to Munich I had the impression that I had not left Vienna at all.

Vienna and Munich

Can YOU spy with your little eye a difference?

Okay. The cities are not bad. Really not bad. You might think I’m pretentious (damn right on that one), but I don’t feel inspired any more by european cities, at least not at the moment (I’m writing this mid of October 2015).

The best about Munich was the people I met: my stalker from Cambodia (long story which should be told one day…or kept as a personal secret) and a new friend from Vienna. I’m really into deep conversations. So I had many blasts!!



Build me a statue:

There were some impressions I collected in Munich I still want to share. This time statues and figures catched my eye:


This guy is not famous or anything. In fact, he is the decoration of a cloths shop near the Sendlinger Tor. Isn’t he cute!! And polite!?!



The lady is definitely no vamp. In fact she looks sort of boring, as she stands at the Viktualienmarkt (market) trying to catch your eye. But there are too many distractions nearby, so she’s going to fail.



I was about to talk to this guy every time I passed him (which was quite often as I stayed in the center). He grinned at the sportsmen attending the Munich marathon Oct 2015, the only one not sweating…besides me of course. I told you I was lazy in Munich. Really lazy.



He (or is it a she???) shows you the way to delicious seafood on the Viktualienmarkt. It was cold outside but the wine warmed me up so I could give him a treat.



Mini-Voldemort here is the real thing! I loved it! Visit him at the corner of Marienplatz and don’t forget your wand!


Munich Marienplatz

I don’t know how they made it, but look at that colour of that water! This fountain is amazing and made me wanna jump into it (but it was about 10 degree outside and I’m a coward).


Asamkirche Munich

I’ve not visited anything besides of the Asam church. It’s small but worth seeing because of the exaggerated decorations inside. But that one (its the ceiling at the entrance) is impressive, and for me it was the hightlight because I love sun symbols wherever I find them.


Some tips about Munich from a local

– Best for getting around is the metro and the day ticket. Far cheaper than paying for every ride.
– Good bars can be found at Odeonsplatz and University, and you can take a walk through the Hofgarten which is really nice and green and relaxing.
– The zoo (metro station Thalkirchen) is one of the best in the world and worth visiting if you are into animals. The areas is nice for staying as well, because its layed back and not far away from the center (U3 metro).
– Marienplatz at night is the perfect place for a date. Meet at the fountain.
– Free WIFI can be found at Apple store and in Munich centre (here for 30 mins).
– Munich is expensive. Very expensive. Starbucks and McCafe are a real option.
– The best to overlook the city is the Olympiaturm at Olympiapark (metro station Olympiazentrum). Don’t go at night as you are forced to eat at the restaurant (damn…read above about expensive).
– The Münchner Freiheit Metro station is just cool. Because of the name first of all. Munich freedom! How cool it that!!
– People from Munich are my favourite folks on this world. I’m lying. Sorry. Nepali people are cooler.

Munich Marienplatz


Hope you enjoyed this non-informative ride through Munich. I did.


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