Top 5 things you can NOT do in Kampot, and why you should still go there

Backbackers come to Kampot on their way to Siem Reap or Phnom Penh. Travelguides praise the city as laid back and romantic (river view, haha)…and quiet.

I came to Kampot after an eventful time in Siem Reap. Angkor Wat made me speachless, then turned me into a philosoph, I met the assumed man of my dreams, and partyed with the local girls.

After a horror night bus trip (why is everbody so excited about the busses there, why??) which was my own fault as I choosed a really cheap one, I just…slept. There was nothing to miss there, right!

bus to kampot


After a 5 hours nap (the bus was shit, really) I started with a huge coffee and lemon cake. Enough sugar to keep me going and discover the riverside.
Its really idyllic. For some that means: really boring. I enjoyed it and anthough booking one night I stayed three nights more.
Its the perfect place to gain your balance back, and catch up some sleep. Although you can easily skip it if you are under time pressure (which honestly you should not be if you are on a longtime trip).


Kampot: what not to do

1) Don’t go dancing or partying. Why? Simply because theres nothing to go to.
Lay back in any bar and relax. Too boring. Well, you are in Kampot.

2) Don’t drive 30 minutes to watch the sunset at the sea. The streets are quiet nice, but its some kind of not worth making the effort.

3) Don’t buy streetfood. What?! Yes we are in Asia, still Kampot is different. The streetfood-small-crowded-places-people-starring at you-atmosphere is not existing. Choose a bar and watch the river.

4) Don’t do this river cruise. The view is going to stay the same. Really.

5) Don’t expect having much dates if you are travelling alone and looking for company. I stayed there 4 days (I know, how boring) and I saw couples only.


Kampot river


In Kampots defense:

What you can do to speed up the days (if you really wish so):

1) Hire a motorbike and drive to the beach in Kep. Its not really amazing or something, but at least the mermaid statue is interesting and the streets are empty.

2) A littel more action: zipeline throuh the jungle. Not the most exciting worldwide, but still some adrenalin.

3) Jungle trekk. A trekk in the jungle. Enought said.
Book it at your guesthouse, or go on your own (the hosts know which are the best routes if you fancy an advice).

Enjoy, relax and sleep well 😉


Kampot river view daytime


Motobike trip to Kep


Kep beachgirl


Kep beach


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