The Superstar & me

The story of the superstar and me took place April 2015, a story in 5 acts:


The superstar notices her on her first friday night in KTM. She is dancing the whole night in high heels, lost to the world. Except a short “hello-who-are-you-I-am” nothing else happens.


Act 1:
The woman in high heels is there too early and waiting for her friends. The superstar lits his cigarette and walks over.
He: Hi, how are you, are you enjoying KTM. Have you seen a lot here?
She: I saw a lot, you know I have a lot of locals showing me around. How are you, finished the last opus.
He (ignoring the question): I can take you with me on a tour with my motorbike and show you more around.
She (surprised): Okay maybe we can do that one day.
He (takes his phone): Give me your number, then I text you and we do that soon.

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Act 2:
sms from HIM:
Hi how are you? I’m cooking in my house on the hills, amazing view. Do you want to join me for lunch?
sms from HER: Hi, thanks for the invitation. A man cooking for me is very tempting, but I can’t. I promised I would help the guys to do handicrafts.
sms from HIM: I’ve never been rejected by a woman I invited. And not with something like that. I really support what you, do but I have to admit: I’m really surprised.
sms form HER: I really enjoy what I’m doing here. Sorry, and enjoy your meal. Next time.


Act 3:
Its new years eve. People in fancy cloth celebrate, drink and dance in the In-Bar.
(drunk): I really like your black dress. Where will you go afterwards?
(not getting his point): Well…home.
(moving up to her): Do you want to spend the night with me in my house here.
(first perplexed, then furious): We have not even had a single date. And however, have you ever seen me holding up a “I want to have your baby!” sign?

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Act 4:
sms from HIM:
I know you’ll delet my messages unread. Thats why I texted your friends as well, so that they tell you my words. I’m so sorry I went nasty on you. I was so drunk I’ve never been before my whole life.
sms from HER:
I accept your apologize. Thanks and all the best for you.
sms from HIM:
Can you give me another chance. I want to show you how I really am. I’m usually not sleeping around.
This conversation goes on and on. After some days they agree to meet for dinner. It’s NOT a date – she puts it straight.


Act 5:
A hidden restaurant in a garden illuminated by hunderts of colourful laterns. The superstar and the woman are having dinner.  They’re enjoying the conversation, though not laughing much.
He: I’m really enjoying this time with you. You understand my work and you give me ideas.
She: Its nice for me too. You are a good artist, I already told you so. I love your work.
He: I’m going to this place and stay at my cousins 5* hotel to work on my next project. Do you want to come with me. I know we would have a wonderful time together, and you inspire me as well.
She (wriggling): I like you a lot, but I can’t. Lets go for dinner when you are back. (Unsaid: I’m not really into you).


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The superstar is gone to his 5* hotel. The woman is not with him. Thats why she is accompanied by her closes friends, when the earth is starting to shake heavily. Its April 25th, 2015.



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