What’s needed for every Thai recipe? Beer!

Lucky I was making friends with the thai family staying in the house next to me on Koh Lanta. Jane, who has owned a restaurant, invited me to learn how to cook the 2 most typical thai recipes. It’s worth giving it a try as you’ll never come closer to the fantastic taste of Thailand!
And don’t forget the most important ingredient: BEER.


Pad Thai dinner_100places100kisses


Pad Thai for 4 persons

(this is the non-Tourist version, so pls follow all instructions carefully):

First have a beer
then cut 1 big carrott into thin strips
same with spring onions (1bundle)
Mix Bean sprout (sojasprossen) with spring onions
Mix Thai Noodles with carrotts
Cut 1 cucumber into slices (that you’ll put on the plates)
Cut a handbig piece of Tofu into dices
Cut 1-2 small onions
Add a litte piece of radish
Put a Handfull of Tamarindes in water, mix them and use only the liquid!

Have another Beer and eat some groundnuts
Scrunch 1 handfull of groundnuts

Put a lot of Olive Oil in a wok-pan and then add Tofu/onions and Radish
After 2 mins add the Prawns and mix them with the rest

If now the electricity falls out sing “Happy Birthday”,…then light candles for having a romantic atmosphere

Pad Thai receipt_100places100kisses


Take out the Stuff you had in the Pan and
Put Olive Oil and 4 eggs in it and make an omlet….Cut this in small pieces and take it out
Now Put the Tamarinde juice in the Pan and add 4 spoons of oyster Sauce and 1 Spoon of chicken spice
Add 3 Spoons white sugar and mix everything

Now put the noodles and carrotts in the Pan and mix it with the Sauce and let it cook for some minutes till the noodles are soft
Now add all other ingredients despite of the Bean sprouts = sojasprossen & the spring onions and the cucumber and mix them on hot flame for some minutes….make sure that the noodles are not getting too hard
Now add all the sojasprossen and spring onions and turn off the oven

Put the Pad Thai on plates and add cucumber and the scrunched groundnuts nuts on the plate
Enjoy your candlelight dinner and drink much more beer!



The famous Massaman Curry

4 big potatoes       4 big onions         1  1/2 kg chicken          Currypaste red, 200g
cane sugar      1 pck chicken spice      1,5 liter coconut milk     peanuts (as much as you like)

Massaman curry cooking_100places100kissesMassaman curry_100places100kisses


















Peel everything and cut it into pieces.

200g currypaste and in den Topf 1/2 l coconut milk and 3-4 spoons cane sugar into the pan. Then add 1 spoon salt and 1 spoon of the chicken spice.
Let it boil for 5 mins
Then add the chicken and boil it for 5 mins. Then add the rest of the coconut milk and the potatoes, onions and peanuts.
Let it boil for 1 hour and enjoy!


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