nagnepal: The better version of me!

This post contains perhaps the most personal sentences I ever wrote. It’s where my heart is.
In November 2014 I thought of visiting Nepal for the first time. I don’t really know why…I’m definitely not a mountain person. Still, seeing the Everest and Kathmandu seemed a tempting thing. And then I found by mistake it in a blog the place that changed my life. I got the chance to volunteer at NAG.


NAG – their home and mine

The Nawa Asha Griha (NAG) is a shelter and school for former street kids. Here 350 children from the poorest ratios find a home and get free education; which is something they would othervise never get.
NAG is already 22 years “old”: In 1992, when Nicole Thakuri-Wick visited Nepal for the first time, she was 23 and wanted to help street children.  NAG was founded in Sept 1993, and Nicole started with 6 children in a rented room. Now it is a home for 210 children and 150 day students.

The Nursery: Learn from right from the start.

The Nursery: Learn right from the start.


There’s no better place for anyone to volunteer (I’ve had some experience). All volunteers can experience working with the children by passing on their talents, whereas in music, handwork workshops, etc.
I was allowed to set up workshops about effective writing, marketing, german and writing an application & CV. And every single piece of knowledge I passed on was highly welcome and appreciated.

Homework for workshop

Homework for workshop…made me popular 🙂

King Lear. Incredibly impressive and funny.

King Lear. Incredibly impressive and funny.










A home for the heart ♥:

We all have to carry our backback…says an Austrian saying. Some of us had a warm and cosy childhood. And some hadn’t. In NAG no-one is a victim. The kids have been vicitims before they came here. But NOW they have another life, a life where wounds are healing and where they have chances. Chances to have a future.

Us NAGers fighting for equal rights for mothers!

Us NAGers fighting for equal rights for mothers!

NAG_pur future_100places100kisses

Fight for your future












I arrived at NAG in March 2015 with my backpack…the real one and the inner one. The one I already forgot about. And NAG did its wonders for all of us who are there, so for me too. Its one thing (maybe a gift) to be able to work for something good and meaningful. But I didn’t expect my sould to be healed. And it was.


Work hard, party hard:

The day at school is structured, and therefore it passed so quickly for me as an adult. From the morning when the first lessons start at 8:30am, till the TV evenings till 8:30pm…there is enough to do every minute.
And still, we had so much time having a chat or to shooting some hoops (found out I’m better than expected).
But the best for me was the humour (and I’m into sarcastic one). I never laughed tears so often in my whole life.

Fun at NAG_100places100kisses


I love travelling the world. I don’t feel at home where I was born, neighter where I used to live the longest part of my life. But NAG is the only concrete place where I really feel at home. Forever.


PS: You are in Kathmandu and want to visit? Sure you can, just contact them via the homepage (see link). The kids always appreciate a new face and a smile!


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