Sunset @ Long Beach

KOH LANTA: new life – new friends

January 2015: Since september 2014, when I decided quitting everything quit-able, I tried to imagine it:

Living on a beautiful island.
Waking up with the view of the ocean.
Walking with sandy feet.
Bye beloved higheels - hello flipflops


And there I was!

Arriving with a huuuuge and heeeeavy backpack on Lanta. Dropped by the microbus on the end of a dusty narrow road.

No idea where my new home is, not exactely (of cours I got a location plan - of course I havn't understood it). I really suck at reading maps. In June I found out: Maps also works if you are OFF-line. That was FIVE months after I started my trip.

I don't want to describe how I walked up the might pity me, which is not what I need (but if we ever meet: carry my damn backpack, okay).

I arrived at the B&B still unsure if I found the right one. Only a dog welcomed me. I have absolutely no clue about animals...he looked like the dog on the website, so I stayed.


Lets face it: you are going to be jelous about me in paradise.
I'm writing it anyway: I also worked, from 7-9 and from 3-5, six days a week. Does that help? Okay okay, lets forget about it.

The first thing I always do when I arrive somewhere: I rent a motorbike. My male friends use to say I'm a real danger as I drive like hell and that without much exercise (now I have more). But in most of the asean countries its one of the best experiences you can get...being part of the crowd on the roads. That's an authentic Thailand feeling!


So I started exploring Lanta. The first beach I saw was Relax Bay near to my new home, which still is my favourite for...RELAXING (surprise, huh!?). The Moloko Bar looked fanciest. But my darling was the reagge bar, because of the hammocks near the breakers. There we (later more about the "we") used to chill the time away. The caipirinha is marvellous, and the squid fantastic, and note that the menue includes more than drinks.

Long Bay next to it is full of young and young remained. Do I have to mention that the sand and the water is kitchy paradise-like? Everywhere on Lanta, by the way.

The more I saw of Lanta, the more I felt in love with it. Then - and that changed my claims for night/ beachlife - I dropped at Klong Khong beach.  Bars next to bars, bonfires next to bonfires. Sofas made out of sand. Colourful paper laterns all over the beach.

The most romantic place I - as passionate ocean and beach lover - can imagine.
Still unbeaten after seeing so many stunning places. The creativity of the bars and restaurants took my breath away. I wanted to live there forever. In the best case: in the house trees of the Where Else resort, but any other place would have been long as it had a hammock!

Delve into this night scene: Colourfull but gentle lights. Couples and cliques are populating the scene. 

And what abou me? I was there every evening. Alone. 

HE was bound to happen.

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