Text me maybe – How to write best-in-class messages for  tinder & co

The worst thing you can do is bothering someone with a “Hi“.
Wanna know the worst second message? There you go: “How are you“.

If this is your modus operandi…simply forget about meeting cool people.
And don’t be surprised if she has a headache that evening! When I get messages like those I have a headache the whole MONTH!


How to strike home?

These tips are for guys who aren’t only looking for ONSs. In that case: pls keep on writing “Hi!”


  • READ the profile.
    If there is NO text at all it means 1) you are 90% superficial 2) you have the choice to start any kind of conversation, but with a…


  • BAMM! Start your message with a TRIGGER.
    No text in the profile?
    Write something about the pictures. Something…provocative!
    Use your favourite songtext:
    »You find another way to be -The highlight of my day –
    I’m taking pictures in my mind – So I can save them for a rainy day.
    Or use your favourite series and the slogan of it – this one is for the bold ones:
    »What do you think about breaking bad together (:


  • Knowledge is POWER.
    She/he already litted up the candle to show you the way. Use that!
    She/he loves sarcasm? Humour is important? How about this:

Text me maybe


  • Who ASKS, leads!
    I’m not a fan of writing too long, and I suggest you soon to meet in 3D.
    But for finding out WHO you’re going to meet (plus to avoid a bOOOring evening)…it’s really interesting having a little ‘job’ interview:» If you could get anything you ever wanted TODAY, what would that be?
    Are you more “The great Gatsby” or “He’s not really into you”?
    Fancy that you inherit a brewery/(a shoe shop) …what would you do? for girls/ (for boys)
    Or: your text here 


  • Close the deal…er the DATE.
    This one is easy, right?Text me maybe_date_100places100kissesBut what we all love is when someone shows that she/he had thought about wHAT wE might like (this is a difficult thought, right. Maybe we need to read it 2-3 times).
    So the crowning end is to propose a date like this (**over the ToP** but still sexy: share a moment of the place):
    » You seem to be a relaxed guy, so I think you might like the whatever coffee shop.


Happy tindering!
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*Whole credit goes to Taylor Swift, “Stay Beautiful”

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