Stay connected: SIM cards in Asia

As an online & communication junkie, I get out of the plane/ bus in a new place, shouting “Where can I get a SIM and mobile internet”.
So here you’ll find all infos about the SIM cards and mobile internet I used in Asia.


Connection: everywhere top
Costs: $10 for the surylikecrazy package with 8,5 GM, valid for 30 days
Where to get it: at smart shops (they are everywhere)
Recharge: at smart shops


SIM: Telkomsel SIMpati
Connection: very good and fast
Costs: SIM card about $3, for another $10 it lated for 3 weeks (but I’ve heard many other versions)
Where to get it: at the stores, you need to registrate for it
Recharge: I did it a the store, because the drop up process is a bit tricky


SIM: NTC (First I used ncell but won’t use it again*)
Connection: excellent and fast (both)
Costs: $2 for the SIM, recharge cards from $0,5 – $10 (valid 30 days)
Where to get it: at all stores incl. groceries
Recharge: see above


SIM: smart
Connection: very good in Manila, sometimes slow or unavailable on the islands
Costs: $10 for 15 days unlimited internet
Where to get it: everywhere. I bought this package at the airport
Recharge: everywhere


SIM: truemove (from 711)
Connection: excellent and fast even on the islands
Costs: I got the SIM for free, drop-up every amount you like. Don’t buy the tourist package because its overpriced. Better switch to Happy, they have pretty cool rates for unlimited internet valid 30 days ($8)
Where to get it: 711
Recharge: see above


SIM: vinaphone
Connection: excellent everywhere
Costs: $2 for sim and $10 for unlimited internet for 30 days
Where to get it: everywhere, yout look for the SIM sign
Recharge: see above


There are two exceptions where I choosed NOT to buy a SIM: Singapore and Malaysia.
Why: I have friends in both countries who advised me NOT to buy one because of the high costs.
In Singapore you can get unlimited WIFI in every mall and tourist place, and the connection is excellent.
Same in Malaysia, where ever the busses in Kuala Lumpur offer WIFI to the traveller (I was so excited!!)


*Why I don’t use Ncell any more: after the earthquake ALL companies offered free calls, so that the people could check if family and friends are okay. All companies? Well, Ncell didn’t! Thats why I boycott it since then.


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