Singapore: in love with steel

June 2015: The funny thing is that nobody I know was really much into Singapore. Nobody besides me. Why?
The were missing nature in the 100% artificial (and superficial) asean metropole. And – that’s mentionable as well – in the damn expensive one.

That was my first impression of Singapore – and I loved it!

Singapore sunset 100places100kisses

This is the view from the shuttle bus, which everbody should take to get to the city, as it brings you directly to your hostel/ hotel (simply go to the Ground Transport Desk and book it for 9$). You can even visit the city if you have at least 5 hours before your connecting fligh (Free Singapore Tour).
But enough about that.


Lets dive into the city of steel (as I call it).

Lucky I was having a date (not a ‘real’ one) with a local guy who was in love with one of my friends (that’s why it was not a real date right). But we met on my first evening at the select Bar at Marina Bay Sands (yes, the one with the infinite pool). At 9pm the laser show and the view took my breath away. And I did not take photos of the show;  sometimes ENJOYING THE MOMENT is more important!

Singapore lights 100places100kisses


Singapore at Marina By Sands 100places100kisses


I inhaled as much of the view and the atmosphere as I could, knowing that I won’t be able to be guest of that place again. The part of the bar offering this view of the Bayfront was only for annual membership owners (bat shit crazy in my opinion, unfortunately – haha – noboby asked me).
I payed this adventure by listening to a sad love story (unreturned love and unrealistic fantasy, poor guy) and sipped the most expensive ice-tea of my life (don’t dare to ask about the cocktails). And already I was in love with the city of steel; the subsequent walk was the cherry on the topping.


Singapore Helix bridge @ night 100places100kisses

This is the best bridge I’ve ever adored, especialls during the night. How should I name it? Helix bridge, I love you.


Singapore Bayfront @ night 100places100kisses

Bayfront is the place to be in the night, you can talk a walk around the (small) sea and have high quality streetfood opposite the Marina Bay sands (take the Mee Goreng).


Singapore art @ night 100places100kisses

Art or just rubbish? Up to you how you look at it; I liked the i-light plastic bottles more at the Bayside than in the ocean.

The evening ended and I learned another lesson about love and that you sometimes have to give up on somebody. It’s one of the most scary things watching people defining themselves through their problems. And I catched myself doing it sometimes, but also experienced that the best is yet to come if you move on.


The next day brought no sunshine, so my city of steel glowed in all shades of grey.


Fascinated about the grey clouds and the sky I wanted to explore everything – immediately (did I mention that patience is not one of my natural gifts?)! Singapore is very easy and comfortable when it comes to public transport. The Metrocard for 3 days is cheap (20$ is nothing, considering Singapore relations) and the spots of interest easily to find. So take that ride.

Singapore Museum 100places100kisses



The Bayside area fascinated me every time I was there (which was every day). The view…well it always was the same, the skyscrapers did not move (really). And still I couldn’t let my eyes off of it.

Singapore plastic art at Bayside 100places100kisses



Chilling at Gardens by the Sea. Gardens. Gardens – really, even I don’t thing so. Even the nature has this artificial touch (as it’s set by human hands). I don’t care but you might?

Singapore Garden by the Seas 100places100kisses


LOOK! I could tell you more. I could tell you about history, dates and places. About Starbucks coffee (the only place where you can afford coffee), about security (top) and streets. But I want you to do something else then reading facts and figures (you get them in the guide you bought).
I want you do delve into Singapore, into the grey steel, the peolpe and tourists and all shades of grey the metropole offers. Ready?


Singapore Marina Bay Sands 100places100kisses

Couples for couples. Maybe one of the only “romantic” photo spots for them.


Singapore plaza singapura 100places100kisses

Haribo? But the don’t taste sweet, neighter the noise of the helicopters above them.


No streets that can be crossed

No streets that can be crossed. Only the view and the noise.



Cat Stevens would sing: Where do the children play?

Cat Stevens would sing: Where do the children play?


Singapore giant wheel 100places100kisses

Fancy a ride? View from metro station ‘Gardens by the Sea’


Catched him!

Catched him! View from esplanade.


So, how are you feeling now? Stunned? Tired? Pallid? In that case you can wash you eyes here. But somehow I hope you enjoyed the specific charm only Singapore can offer? A bit?


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