Sea-salt, sea-girl (why I love the sea)

Once Jules Verne said: The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence.
So here’s my tribute to the place I where I feel whole, and happy.


Phi Phi island

Once in a lifetime you should go there: Phi Phi Island, Thailand



Italy, most visited in summer – what a mistake. Winters are so beautiful (here in Grado).


Sunset couple_100places100kisses

Kao Lak in Southern Thailand, where the sunset guides you way, and the soul finds a home.


Cambodia, Sihanoukville

In Sihanoukville, Otres Beach 3, the most calm section of the city. And I was waiting….


Beach in Kao Lak_Thailand

The beach of Kao Lak is silent, if you know where to drive with your motorbike, and little treasures are floating next to you.


Cristina on Borycay_100places100kisses

The Philippines are different, offering everything. 7.000 islands, 7.000 different beaches, 7.000 places to find peace.


Portobello Beach Edinburgh

New Year in Edinburgh – I really needed to spend the last day of 2015 on a beach, listening to the waves. Holding your hand…


halong bay vietnam_100places100kisses

Will you find magic in Vietnams Halong Bay? Maybe. What you find: adventure, friendship, caipirinhas and THE view.


Kai Lak_100places100kisses

She was not lonely. I was with her….


Singapore Marina Bay

In Singapore the sea seem to exist of steel, as the city does. Symphony in grey!


Bohol Philippines

There also is a symphony of colors…in Bohol, Philippines (both pics)


Bohol Philippines




southern Thailand

I don’t know where this beach was, but I discovered it on my motorbike trip in southern Thailand. And I was the only one there.


Boracay sunset 100places100kisses

Sunset on Boracay white beach is mystic. It was my birthday, and I was so lucky having this view (and a great mexican dish).


Keep beach cambodia

In Cambodia, Kep beach, before the storm. “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”


Grado Italy beach

“When you grow up by the sea, you spend a good deal of time looking at the horizon. You wonder what on Earth the waves might bring – and where the sea might deposit you – until one day you know you have lived between two places, the scene of arrival and the point of departure.” (O Hagan)



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