Off Limits: Paragliding in Nepal

The safetly instructions were simple: run down this slope till you feel that we take off.
The other important thing: I hope you’re wearing your bikini underneath, in case we land in the water.
And off we flew!

Paragliding Pokhara_before the start_100places100kisses


Pokhara is the best place for paragliding in Nepal. You can relax in the air at 2000 meters, watching the beautiful 8000meters high Fishtail montain range above and the blue sea underneath you.
The paragliders take off from the Sarangkot height and are done tandem style (yeah, even in Nepal the have sort of “safety” risks).
The fixed price which you are supposted to pay at every agency is 85$ (8.500 Rupies) so it doesn’t really matter where you book your flight (but check my recommendation at the bottom). If you want to have pictures of your flight you pay extra 20$ (2015), but as the flight can be really calm you can take them on your own.

Surviving the adventurous ride to the top of the Sarangkot (don’t dare to ask) ‘hill’  – compared to the Fishtail mountain behind you – you will notice that there is really high traffic up there…I mean in the SKY!


Paragliding Pokhara traffic in the sky_100places100kisses


Still there is enough space for you, even though you have to stand in line for taking off sometimes, because of the chinese tourists in high heels! and with full make-up, which are giggling and screetching their way down the slope in the air. That part was really funny to watch.

The flight is planned to last about 15 minutes, but if you ask your good-looking pilot to take you higher and keep you longer in the air…she/he will! You must be really flight-addicted to do that job, and the guys are. Who can blame them, look at THAT view!

Paragliding in Pokhara_in the air_100places100kisses


Two things to keep in mind: if you and your pilot are on the same wavelength and he sees that you are really flight addicted, he may ask you if you want a bit more action. That means: do you want to experience the free-fall rotation?
Good luck on that, it was wooooh-whatthehell-thatisgreat-butterrifying-givememore!


Paragliding Pokhara not alone_100places100kisses


After the spectacular flight, which I managed to prolong to 40 minutes, being the highest couple in the air (only the yellow one kept buzzing around hahah), we were ready for landing. As I had NO bikini underneath and ony 1 pair of trousers in my luggage, I somehow WAS glad that we made it on the spot.


Paragliding Pokhara Nepal 100places100kisses


All pics taken by me in the air, just the “want a bit action” part was critical and remained without pics (:


A special recommendation: Book your flight with Manju’s agency. She is a lovely and strong woman, running her agency alone and being single-mum. Her family was affected badly during the earthquake April 15, and so that would really help. Prices are the same as already mentioned, but she will really take care after you. Lakeside-6 (


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