No hard feelings – How to get over your travel love

This is one of the topics I hate writing about, though its a very important one. And its a hushed up one.
Lets face it: no matter what relationship type you’ve been before you started the trip (no matter how long this trip is). When you travel everything is different!

I am not talking about true–promise ring–sealed–love. I’ve heard of people who found it on their trips, but I’ve never met someone myself. In most cases the relationship is going to last as long as you are at the same place.

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It’s your choice how far you follow the emotional path. The deeper you walk into the forrest, the more high trees and sunlit glades you discover…the harder it’s going to be to leave this idyllic place. As I said: It’s your choice.

If you read this article you found out that this walk in the forrest was only this: a walk. You’re not going to build a cabin there.


You have two options:     1) stay  friends          2) get over it


1) Stay friends

This is the hardest and not many people are able to do so. Not sure if it’s your option?
Here some questions to figure it out:

» Can you resits seeing pictures of him/her with a new partner (on facebook)?
» In beachwear?
» Can you text each other about the dates you have after you separated?
» Are you able to read her/his messages about how happy she/he is with the new partner?

Yes: congratulations…its a real friendship! No: move on to option 2


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2) Get Over It (also called: suck it up)

» Delete everything! Pics. Messages. Mails. This is going to hurt a little.
» Speak about the weather, dengue fever or your next destination. But not about…
» If you’re in the mood for crying (as I usually am) hold your head under water.
  Immediately! Its helps. And your hairstyle is shit anyway since he left.
» Date someone else. As soon as possible.
  It’s scientifically proven that its the best way to get over the last relationship.


Travel life (and life IN GENERAL) is a lot about saying goodbye. Sometimes too often.
But keep in mind (with your head under water): its also about saying HELLO.

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