Kuala Lumpur: princess for one day

ONCE UPON A TIME there lived a princess who traveled the world alone, and she was very happy with it.

Looking for a prince_100places100kisses
BUT FROM TIME to time the princess longed to have company, and so she looked for a temporary prince.
And so it happenend that the princess got to know a guy in Singapore, but because of a streak of bad luck the princess and him were not able to meet. This guy called her princess from the beginning on.
When the princess travelled by carriage to Malaysia, they texted and found out that they had a lot in common, and they had a lot of fun together.



Fly to me my prince_100places100kisses
AND SUDDENLY something amazing happened. In the cafe, where the princess was sitting all by herself with a vanilla milkshake, there was a burst of light…and a text-message appeared on her phone.
The prince wrote her that he decided to fly to her because he wanted to meet her so badly.

So he took the the plane – or rather tamed a dragon, and travelled to Kuala Lumpur 2 weeks later.

Of course the princess told him not to expect anything, because it seemed odd to her that a guy wanted to travel hundrets of miles and spend so many gold coins.



Princess and prince_100places100kisses


THE PRINCE wanted to take the risk and assured her, that he was not expection anything else than having coffe with her.

The princess had a wonderfull time at the ball…well the date.

The prince was charming and very impressed by the tiara the princess carried – of course she had to get herself one, because the prince expected a REAL PRINCESS. And he got one.




No princess for the prince_100places100kisses


AFTER SOME time the princess realised that THIS prince was not the right one for her. And out she fled and vanished into the night.

At once the carriage turned back into a pumpkin, the beautifull dress turned into a bluejeans, only her silver slippers remained what they were meant to be.

So they haven’t lived together happily ever after.


∗——————————————-∗ THE END ∗——————————————-∗



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