Koh Lanta: my chart-busters

I tested all these places during my 2 month stay on Koh Lanta, 2015

Sleeping around: Hotels and more

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»Hotspot and on budget: Special are the huts and treehouses of where else resort. ♥ having my own hammock. @ Klong Khong beach. Only for Robinson Crusoe feeling lovers!
»Quiet and on budget: Hidden bungalows @ Bay Kantiang: with the coffeeshop “Drunken  Sailor” at your back, your’re going to see a small closed restaurant (Kampong) in front of you. The entrance to the bungalows is alongside this restaurant.
»Quiet, not on budget: The Houben, Bay Kantiang. ♥ Cocktails, red pool. For luxury lovers!
»Under canvas: Rent it @ Muh Ko National Park. You’ll have a beach on your own at night.
♥ Watching the sunset @ the lighthouse!


HotANDspicy: best places 2 eat

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Drunken Sailor:  ♥Fusion Food, best coffee on the island, books

Blue Spoon (former: Kampong): Phoebe and her husband cook the most amazing dishes, and created their furniture out of doors, windows or cupboards. ♥everything.

♥Mango sticky rice: best (and cheapest) place is the little stand in Saladan, opposite the Lanta market.

Streetfood: Is everywhere delicious! ♥ pad thai and green curry with chicken.


Fun Shops:

Shopping Hotspots_100places100kisses

Lanta is definitely NOT a shopping hotspot. On Lanta you should chill. Still:

»Old Town: hammock house. Best ones you’ll find in south-east asia

»Bay Kantiang: best bikini shop on the island (huuuge & stylish). Next to drunken sailor.

»Saladan: Lanta market is the only huge convenience store on the island. Buy your chilli mixture there and take it home.

»Souvenirs, souvenirs: fancy looking wood shops before Saladan. Out-of-the-box but bit pricy.
Where: driving TO Saladan from the south (before you enter it) on the right side


“No Sports”? (Winston Churchill)

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» Bootcamp: every monday, wednesday and friday you can join Lindas Bootcamp on Klong Dao beach. After the first time you’ll cry, but I’ve never been so fit in my whole life!

» Running: once you’ll getting used to heat and humidity (good luck), you can run on the beach, streets. Beware of street dogs: they use to jump on runners and push them over. Better stop and walk by.

» Yoga: a lot of hotels and personal trainers offer Yoga (also on the beach). Oasis Yoga is a very good one (this one is not on the beach, also offers tasty juices like the “hangover cure”). Mat offers free yoga every day at 5:30pm at Klong Nin beach (status: Feb 15).


Genre: romance

Sunset couple_100places100kisses
♥Lighthouse: walk up to the lighthouse at Muh Ko National Park. Sunset right, sunrise left above the beach.

♥Hippie atmosphere on Klong Khong beach. Watch the sunset from the Cloud 9 bar.

♥Waterfall (Klong Jark). You’ll walk 30 minutes to the waterfall, and then WALK UP above it, keep on walking 5-10 minutes. Now take a bath on one of the freshwater natural pools.

♥ Old Town: as its on the east side of the island, you’ll have it on your own at night. Best for a date and more.


Something important is missing? Well, I don’t care. You can still leave a comment and tell me about it (-;
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