Jakarta: Tour in 1 day

When I decided to stay for 9 days in this 25 million city, I expected to have plenty of things to do. I love cities and I love Asia, so how can I fail? I failed! The good thing is, that it only takes you one day to find out, that theres nothing to find out. Jakarta a city to live in, not to sightsee.

Together with a guy I met in my hostel (he was reeeally cute) we decided to visit all sights, till we find one which really is worth visiting. But somehow…we failed.


Here is our trip:

Starting at Monas, the national monument, we stood in line for 1 hour to get to the top (132 meters). The perfect occasion to start a flirt. The view over the city is nice and on a not-dazy day you realise how big the city really is. After 5 minutes you drive down again to l make space for other people. That was it.

Monas Jakarta_100places100kisses

Lapangan Banteng is where Islam and Christianity meet. The cathedral on the right side faces the biggest mosque in Asia (200.000 prayers) on the left side. Both can be visited, in the mosque you need to take a guide for a small tip. We haven’t entered the cathedral, but from outside you feel like in Paris. It was appropriate to hold hands.

Jakarta Cathedral_100places100kisses                 Jakarta_Mosque_100places100kisses


The article about Kota, Jakartas old town, brought Jan* and me together at the breakfast table. I wanted o go there, he didn’t. After flirting at Monas, he – suprise surprise – decided to join me.

We took the recommended way, crossed the Chicken Market Bridge, ended up at the Taman Fatahillah square. This is for me the nices part of Jakarta. But don’t get too excited: its only ONE square.
But its the  best place to have a rest and eat, but not at Cafe Batavia, its more expensive as european restaurants. Choose instead the Kedai Seni Djakarta resturant: delicious, big portions and cheap. We gained power for continuing the flirt. 

Jakart_Kota (1)_100places100kisses

After that we tried – I write tried – to find Chinatown (Glodok), which is in walking distance from Kota. We made it and believe me: there must be a non-city-of-interest, if Chinatown sucks. And obviously…it sucked.
The best temple burned down beginning of 2015, and when we went there in summer, the only thing to see or to buy were…cables. No souvenirs (and I was badly looking for them). The only consolation was to hug each other.

Jakarta house in Chinatown_100places100kisses

After this exciting adventures we capitulated. The best thing was to cuddle with caramel popcorn form seveneleven on the couch. And that’s what we did.

*Whats in a name. 

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