Ipoh: Why I love a city others skip

When I read about Ipoh all travel guides said this: this city without real charm is frequented by travellers for one night till they move on to Cameron Highlands. It sounded promising.
That was my plan as well: spending one night there and moving on. And then I discovered 27 Concubine Lane!

Concubine Lane itself is a very narrow road which is hard to find if you arrive here for the first time. The shops here are unique, and it gives you the feeling of being in the past.
The whole city invites you to lay back and relax for a couple of days, only interrupting this to check out the stunning bars and shops!


My favourites in Ipoh:

27 concubine lane_100places100kisses


27 Concubine Lane:

The best place to stay. John transformed the old and derelict house into a charming place to sleep and live, plus preserving its old charme. As I travelled on budget I stayed in the dorm on the attic (and was the only guest). And I felt like a princess.


more about 27 concubine lane_100places100kisses


John and me and guiness_100places100kisses


Big Johns Music Shack

is the most atmospheric music bar I’ve been to in Asia (and I’ve been to many).
After A HARD DAYS NIGHT AND I’VE BEEN WORKING LIKE A DOG…I enjoyed a lot of guiness with sopping wet vinegear ‘n salt chips fingers,
and I feel like on PENNY LANE, and I am MONEY CAN’T BUY ME LOVE happy!


Nights at Johns Music Shack_100places100kisses











Plan B in Ipoh_100places100kisses


Plan B

offers best vanilla milkshakes I ever had in my whole life. Pricy but very stylish (check the restrooms…amazing). What their homepage says:
Plan B is a creative space specifically designed to encourage people to eat, linger and to get inspired. The style of food at Plan B is Aussie-meets-New York deli.
And this is pretty true!



What to do around Ipoh:

Not much, as you are here for relaxing, right (-: Still here are some places worth visiting if you are around. These are Kellys castle and Cameron Highlands.
Kellys castle (1)_Malaysia_100places100kisses

Kellys castle (2) Malaysia_100places100kisses

There’s not much to do at Kellys castle, but starring at it. The walk inside is a short one: the whole castle is empty. The garden invites to have a picnic and a cuddle-session (-:

Cameron Highlands (1) Malaysia_100places100kisses


Take a walk through the incredible green tea terrasses at Cameron Highlands, and try some wild strawberries. You CAN go trekking, but you must not (-;


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