Ibiza: my chart busters

Nature for clubbing?  Insider and off the path?  Relax on the top 6th beach of the world (Crowded? Why, no.)?

Looking for that means staying away from Ibiza. And it means avoiding to equal your bank account to the status of
“Pls call your bank and ask for the manager Mr D”.

Enjoy your holiday!
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Sleeping around: Hotels and more


Hotspot and on budget: San Antonio Osiris Ibiza. The rooms are cheap and amazing big, so is the terrace (quiet)

Hotspot and on budget: Hostal Ibiza, right at the port in San Antonio in the center of nightlife (noisy)

Airbnb: there are a lot of great fincas on the countryside, which fit perfecty if you travel in a group.


HotANDspicy: best places 2 eat

Love it, and won’t deny it: Cafe del Mar is the best spot for a sundowner and great food. Not as pricy as expected (and the sushi is really amazing).

Es Rebost de Can Prats: hidden small local restaurant, serving the oldest receipes on the island. Its really delicious, but pricy!

Too much to mention: Ibiza is full of tapas bars, retaurants and snakck bars. Follow your nose and check where the locals eat. Unsually NOT in the touristic places.


Fun Shops:



Ibiza is THE hotspot for really expensive fashion and labels.

My favourite is the kurrukurru in Eivissa (the capital). Expensive but amazing dresses (see pic). Prices: Buy it OR go on a citytrip.

Check out the capital for more shops, its the best place finding non off-the-rack pieces.


I beach:

Ibiza beach shoes_100places100kisses

Really jammed. Crystal clear water. Nude beautifull people. Pines.

Here my favourites:

Platges de Comte: ♥ sunset, sand dunes and rocks
Cala Carbo: ♥ small and private
Es Cavallet: ♥ white sand, laid-back people
Aguas Blancas: ♥ locals, take the left area (reached by crawling over the rocks)


 Genre: romance

Partypeople versus finca romance!
Ibiza is famous for overpriced clubs, where the action starts around 3am and the skirts are shorter than mini.
The other side of the island is private matter. Find in huge fincas with hidden pools the best sides for a date, listening only to the chirr of the crickets. Or something else.

Another way of celebrating life can be found at Atzaro. The massage moved me to tears (of joy); And I still dream of the day beds under the orange trees. Try the full day experience.


Something important is missing? Well, I don’t care. You can still leave a comment and tell me about it (-;


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