Kiss me great!

Don’t kiss him!

How to identify a guy you should NEVER kiss?


1) He is extremly good looking and PROUD about it, but tries not to show it.

2) He is a poser, but its extremely well-done.

3) Fishing for compliments in a nicely way.

4) Pretending he is a bit shy.

5) Makes stupid compliments like:

  “You are beautiful”, “Your dress is awesome”, “Your eyes are fascinating”.

Believe me, he is not meaning YOUR eyes, he just read to many girls magazines. Bad ones.

6) Are his eyes smiling when you make a joke? Really?

7) He checks his appearance in windows, mirrors. NOT yours.

8) There are longer pauses in your conversation.

9) After the pause he asks a yucky question like: “Whats your favourite colour”

10) He tells stories where he is the heroe. Compliments for that lead to him being “SHY”.

11) His name usualy starts with a “W”. Or a “M”.

12) He is a brand junkie.

13) There is a little imperfect detail about his cloth. Accidentally? No way!

14) His ex-girlfriend is a model.

15) After kissing you (you stupid!) he interrupts a small grin to check his hairstyle.


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