Grado in winter: How to climb a fence!

February 2014: Sometimes I belong to those people who are so sensitive, that they feel in a parking which car needs an oil change. Happenings can't touch my soul as much as people can do. I belong to the so called went right - too far. 
So if nothing is going right, I go left. Refuelling my batteries works best at the sea. Saltwater. The smell of algae. Sandy feet. Sand hair (in fact, its everywhere).


Grado is a little town 

between Venice and Triest, hardly seen by the millions of visitors which surge these attractions. In summer mostly Italians and Austrians tann at the beaches (the first get brown, the seconds red).
The cobblestone streets are jamed by icecream-holding visitors, the restaurants take double prices. But in winter — you have it all for yourself. So if you visit Venice for the carnival (AND survive it) you can take one or two days having a rest here.
But don't forget do update your fence-climbing skills. 


When I visited Grado in February, the main reason was to get over una storia, as the italians would name it.

For that it was essential to:
1) go for long walks on the beach 
(and sing at the same time, I suggest: Nel blu dipinto di blu, the version of Domenico Modugno)
2) drink un aperol spriz from 11pm » another italian attitude, and always more than one
3) eat a lot of pasta » at trattoria All'Androna, with a broccoli, wine & mullet sauce, al dente), along with a Merlot

Grado where 2 eat_100places100kisses


Thats the italian version of a miracle healing. From everything.


I beach (made in Italy)

Its important to know one thing about italian beaches: most of them are flanked by so called bath-houses. Their purpose is to offer looker rooms, and to keep people who stay in a hotel without appendant bath-houses, away from the beach. Behind the bath-houses you have a 3 meter high fence to keep away those jerks, who think the ocean should be for free. 

Grado (2) Italy_100places100kisses



I'm not looking for trouble. Trouble finds me. 

Why? Well, try this: Go via the bath-houses and the open fence door and enjoy a walk after dinner in the evening.
Come back and notice that the door is looked.
Yeah right, you are looked on a damn beach.

How to climb a fence 


→ Climb the 3 meters high fence.
→ Find out that it has biiig and closely spaced spikes at the top.
→ Climb down.
→ Take off your coat.
→ Climb up.
→ Place your coat on the spikes.
→ Step over the fence. 
→ Inspect your wounds under a latern (they look like Silas after using his cilice).
→ Have so many aperol spritz to as you need. 


Happy again_streetart



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