Edinburgh’s Top 10

Sherlock Holmes Statue:

Call it banal or not, but the Sherlock Holmes Staue at York Place (from where you can take the bus to nearly everywhere in Edinburgh) is a classic you shouldn’t miss.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle invented him, because he was pissed about the murder stories in which detectives solved the case my mistake or without explaining to the reader how they found the murderer. So Sherlock Holmes was born, and most of the stories are not even about a real murder, they are about an interesting incident lacking an explanation.
Sherlocks dark sides remain unmentioned, thus he used to do drugs – “What’s it today, cocaine or morphium” as Watson asks Sherlock in the stories. Still, he is one of our heroes.

Sherlock Holmes statue Edinburgh

The numerous churches:

They are often used as party or exhibition locations (really).  They always have a eye catching detail such as doors, windows or interesting graveyards.
Examples: St Marys Metropolitan Cathedral, Holyrood Abbey Church, Wardie Parish church

Edinburgh church



Portobello beach:

Even in winter great for a walk and meeting locals. Afterwards the esplanade bar serves great Ale and food.

Portobello beach


The Royal Mile

Why? Not for shopping (the typical tourist rubbish lacking real quality). Why really? The architecture, the people, the flair. Edinburgh is not Edinburgh without the royal mile, even for locals.

The royal mile Edinburgh


At Princess street gardens at night:

Forget about the shopping or the Balmoral Hotel (though take a pic). Enjoy the Mull wine, the atmosphere and the view: (this was in January 2016)

Edinburgh princess street gardens



On the Mound

(with or without museum). Interesting bout the museum: it’s all about the art, design, technology, crime, trade and security of money. And it’s admission free (:

museum on the mound Edinburgh


The Palace of Holyroad House

Yes, it IS the residence of the queen when she visits scotland, and it’s her summer house (thus a small one). Still it’s worth seeing it (I love the museum shop). Admission is 12 pounds and there is always an exhibition if you want to prolong your stay. Only go inside if you are interested in royal residences.

Palace of Holyrood House Edinburgh



George Monument

It’s about the view above the city for sunset! For those who have no time or passion climbing up to St. Arthurs seat.

Edinburgh city view


Take a cab:

You might say it’s nothing to VISIT, it’s just a taxi. Well…yes ;). get over it and try it…it’s fun.

take a cab in Edinburgh




Simply go there. Wander around. Breathe. Watch the bagpipers. Watch the people. Visit the funny and odd shops. Don’t forget to drink an ale at Edinburghs tiniest bar. Discover the possibilities on your own (and don’t forget to look up).




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