Angkor Wat: the real experience

Want to have a real Angkor Wat experience, instead of just a picture for your living room?


  1. Go in summer.
    Why? 80% less tourists.
  2. Go alone.
    You are part of  couple of travelling with friends? Still: go alone.  Let Angkor reveal its meaning for YOU. Plus you’ll have something to chat about in the evening instead of starring into your bloody phone (-;
  3. Take 3 days.
    You want to make it in 1 day? Stay at your hotel, download some pics from the www (they are going to be better than yours anyhow). The impression you’ll get is going to be the same.
  4. Just chill.
    Have a cool beer leaning against a hundreds of year old stone. Let the brightest green and the old architecture catch you.
  5. Do that for sunset. 













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