Amor a Roma

The stereotype of Romans? They greet all girls with “Ciao Bella”, date every girl and kiss her if she has not disappeared after 10 seconds. Myth or true?
Of course I have been to Italy before (every year, I know I know), still I was curious. 4 days in Rome gave me enought time to find out a bit about AMOR A ROMA.
Italys lively capital catched me, but beware…its an emotional rollercoaster for ladies.

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The old romans had the attitude to rate a day with stones. If it was a good one they threw a white stone into the amphora. A bad one…a black stone. So easy to figure out if it was a good month.
My Rome visit would be rated…grey.


Shades of white:

White: Charming and polite Romans know which compliments a woman wants to hear.
Black: Romans are not fond of woman taking the initiative. Maybe all italians aren’t? When I did all turned away from me. And honestly, I was really not prepared to deal with.



White: An invitation from a charming Roman. A date at one of the bars at the illuminated colloseum at night.
Black: If the charming Roman doesn’t show up. No, really!  Just missed each other? Bullshit.
White: One door closes…another opens. Lucky I was meeting the better version of the charming Roman the same evening (no, not him).

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White: The romantic piazzas and narrow roads at night. Perfect for a date.
Black: The crowded piazzas and narrow roads at night. Thats Romes atmosphere. See and be seen at a date.



White: Festeggiare a Roma. Dancing ‘dirty’ like Babe and Johnny in one of the famous roman night clubs (not in summer, they are closed till September). Seal the night with a kiss.
Black: The attitude of spending nights in a crowd (see and be seen). Spending an evening alone as a couple is not the common style.



White: There is always a guy in Rome you’ll never forget because he was special.
Black: He’s not going to wait for you, neighter stay in touch. Maybe because its a waste of their charm.


Rome really spinned me round and now I’m writing this being fuzzy and…? No, we are not through, Rome and me.
I guess I need a prosecution.
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